A TOUR company is offering day trips promising eager fans a glimpse at the region's filming locations that have appeared in ITVs Vera - but what do the reviews say?

Brit Movie Tours has been running a series of 'Vera' tours across Newcastle and Northumberland in recent years with fans jumping at the chance from across the UK.

Last month, The Northern Echo reported that the firm were starting up their tours once more with a mix of tours set for 2021, and further dates in 2022.

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At the time, tour bosses promised to "delve" fans into the world of DCI Vera Stanhope, with tickets starting at £35 for the half-day Newcastle tour and £60 for the 8-hour Northumberland tour.

But what do eager fans make of the tours? We've scoured TripAdvisor to see what people think and how the tours measure up against their price tag.

Leaving a review from Tyldesley in Manchester, Helen said she "definitely recommended" the tour to anyone with an interest.

Leaving five star feedback, the reviewer said: "Had a wonderful afternoon with Anna as our guide. She is very knowledgeable about Vera and the areas we toured.

"As people who have never visited this part of the UK before it was great to see these places and their points of interest especially as each location was introduced with a short clip from the Vera episode in question."

Also from the North-West, Mike S of Warrington said it had been their first time visiting Newcastle when they decided to take up the offer of the tour.

The reviewer, who left rave reviews, described the tour as "wonderful" and said: "We were greeted by our guide and were able to get the front seats.

"My wife and I thought the tour was wonderful as we had never been to Newcastle before and were very impressed.

"We visited various locations and during the tour our guide gave us a vast amount of history and facts about the city and the filming locations.

"Anna was brilliant, very informative with a sense of humour, everything a tour guide should be.

"The tour at four hours seems long but it is not we had three breaks and the time flies when you are enjoying yourself. Would strongly recommend this tour."

However, although enjoying the majority of the tour to Northumberland in 2019, one reviewer was not totally impressed with the length of time on the coach.

The reviewer, known as soapmad from Newcastle, said: "The tour guide was really good told you good facts around the locations, but we didn't go anywhere near the Northumberland areas - it was mostly Newcastle and visit down to coastal areas.

"She did mention that cause the coach was to big they decided not to go to those areas, well if I knew this I wouldn't have gone, but the trip was good - I got see places I wouldn't have gone to.

"The only thing I thought, we were sitting on coach to long we were allowed off in a couple of locations, but think there could have been more.

"I think more locations we could have visit and maybe a visit just one location in Northumberland, but was a good day out."

Although receiving a mix of reviews, the trip has still had an overall rating of five out of five on TripAdvisor with the majority classing the tour as "excellent."