A GALLERY in Northallerton that recently reopened for socially distanced art lovers has welcomed its latest guest artist.

The Art Crowd, on Northallerton High Street, invites a different artist to exhibit each month and, despite Covid-19, has welcomed fellow North Yorkshire artist Vicki Davidson to the site.

Ms Davidson, who uses a variety of mediums to paint bold and colourful pictures of animals, portraits and cycling, will show her works until Friday, September 11.

The woman's moving painting 'Sending Hope', a tribute to healthcare workers, is now in the main atrium to The James Cook Hospital, who are receiving proceeds from sales of the image.

The Art Crowd is a group of six local artists and craft makers who took 90 High Street at Christmas and are now able to open under coronavirus guidelines.

The group however are not able to restart workshops, which ordinarily cover different aspects of art and crafts, or run community projects.

Bill Oaky, who is part of The Art Crowd, said: “Since re-opening as a socially distancing crowd, we have gradually returned to our pre-lockdown number of visitors.

"Although we change our own exhibitions regularly our guest artists are proving to be a popular addition. Vicki is artistic royalty and very welcome.”