GRAHAM Robb, senior partner at Recognition PR, is launching a series of initiatives to support business leaders in the North-East following the escalating coronavirus crisis.

Using the LinkedIn social media platform, Graham is recording regular video business briefings with key players in different sectors, frankly discussing how they are responding to government announcements and changes in working practice.

The series has already included interviews with HR expert Nicky Jolley, IoD North East (South) Karl Pemberton, Entrepreneurs’ Forum chief executive Jonathan Lamb and Tees Components’ Sharon Lane.

To promote further peer support For business leaders who may be working remotely, from March 23, Graham will also be launching structured 30-minute lunchtime ‘fellowship sessions’ via video conference.

These communal sessions will be available to leaders of any business or organisation, and will be hosted by Graham, joined by a business contact, a senior lawyer, accountant, or a business leader.

There will be no agenda set, and they will be treated as private, allowing attendees to raise concerns and listen to the experiences and ideas of others.

Graham is no stranger to peer to peer support within the business community. He serves as vice chairman of the Entrepreneurs’ Forum, a member of the council for the Institute of Directors North East and Yorkshire, and a board member of the South Tees Development Corporation.

He said: “These are unprecedented times. I’ve been inundated with calls this week, asking for help to manage in a very difficult situation.

“I wanted to bring the business community together with some strong and definitive activities that allow us to be honest, supportive and positive about how we move forward and, most importantly, get beyond the current crisis.

“It’s vital that our business leaders understand that their decisions affect thousands of jobs across the region and the wider country. This is not a time to be insular or thinking one day at a time. We need to think to the future, being realistic with a touch of optimism.”

For more information about the business briefings or the executive fellowship video conferences, please contact Graham Robb via LinkedIn or