A NEWLY-ELECTED North-East MP whose father was killed by a single punch when she was 13-years-old has vowed to champion policies which reduce violence.

Giving her maiden Commons speech, Bishop Auckland Conservative MP Dehenna Davison thanked the NHS paramedics and doctors “who fought valiantly to help save my dad’s life”.

The MP has asked a question about a recent prison riot when staff lost control of a wing

She added: "I was 13-years-old when a man who later admitted he was high on drink and drugs walked across a pub and ended my dad’s life in seconds with one single punch.

"As a result, I spent early teenage years in and out of court cases, tribunals, meetings with lawyers and the police.

"Whilst I was insistent that I would not let a dark event in my past negatively determine to my future, it's a life I would not want other young people to have.

"So here in this place I want to champion policy which helps reduce violence by educating disadvantaged young people, rehabilitating offenders and giving our police the resources they need to do their jobs.

"Because the police officers that I encountered as a young teenager were exemplary.”

Ms Davison was elected as Bishop Auckland’s first ever Conservative MP at the 2019 general election, with a majority of 7,962 (17.8 per cent) on a swing of 9.5 per cent from Labour.

Meanwhile, Ms Davison has submitted a written question to the Justice Secretary, following a disturbance at HMP Deerbolt in Barnard Castle.

She has asked: "Last week at HMP Deerbolt in Barnard Castle, a prison riot broke out, involving 14 inmates.

"A number of staff were assaulted in this incident. A local prison officer has expressed his concerns about the impact of prison violence on staff retention.

"Can the Minister tell the House what steps he is taking to ensure staff are protected, and to ensure their hard work in such difficult environments is recognised?"