A NORTH-EAST musician’s version of the theme song from a cult movie has earned him a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Chris Davison’s rendition of the song ‘Cry Little Sister’, from the classic 1980s vampire movie The Lost Boys, so impressed its writer that he has invited the Darlington man to attend a reunion of the film’s cast and support him in concert.

The 39-year-old songwriter’s career in music was sparked by listening to the film’s soundtrack as a boy.

He was too young to be allowed to see the movie when it was released, but he saved up his pocket money for the soundtrack – the first album he ever bought.

“When I heard Cry Little Sister, it was a song that really stood out to me,” said Chris.

“It changed my way of thinking about music and I started getting into bands like INXS and Guns N’ Roses. It set me on the path to rock music, I really loved that sound.”

A studio engineer at The Forum Music Centre in Darlington, Chris has been in several bands over the years playing mostly original material.

To get his music noticed by a wider audience he sometimes posts videos of cover versions onto YouTube. Two years ago when he was trying to think of a song with a Halloween theme, he turned to ‘Cry Little Sister’.

Unknown to Chris, James Watson, who runs Darlington Film Club at the Forum, brought the video to the attention of the management of Gerard McMahon – also known as G Tom Mac – who wrote and recorded the song which was used in The Lost Boys.

G Tom Mac told The Northern Echo: “While in a recording session a while back a mate of mine asked if I’d seen and heard a cover of my song ‘Cry little Sister’ by a young English artist that he’d seen on YouTube.

“I told him I had not and I went on later that day to view it for myself. Needless to say was quite taken by Chris Davison’s delivery and performance of my song, something I don’t feel lightly. His ability to give his soulful voice and playing is probably one of the best covers I’ve heard of my song.”

As a result, he has invited Chris and James to a Lost Boys reunion at a horror film convention in Manchester on October 19. Guests at the event will include Lost Boys actors Kiefer Sutherland, Jason Patric and Alex Winter among others.

The Northern Echo: Chris’s version of Cry Little Sister impressed the song’s writer so much he has asked him to support him at a concert this monthChris’s version of Cry Little Sister impressed the song’s writer so much he has asked him to support him at a concert this month

As if that were not enough, G Tom Mac has also asked Chris to be his support act for his gig at the Underworld Camden on October 22.

Chris said: “I’m really chuffed. That song Cry Little Sister at that time of my life was a massive influence on me,

“I’m looking on this as an opportunity, you never know who’s going to be watching at these kind of gigs.

“But at the moment I’m just thinking ‘wow, I’m supporting one of my heroes from when I was a kid’. I’ve played some big gigs in my time but this is the first time I’ve supported someone who is a bit of a legend.”