A FORMER police officer took a teenage girl’s virginity after encouraging her to lie to her parents so they could spend the night together, a court heard.

In an interview played to Teesside Crown Court via video link, the complainant said she she first met former Cleveland Police officer David Waller when he was aged in his early twenties.

She described how Waller, who is on trial accused of a string of sex offences, repeatedly told her she was gorgeous and tried to orchestrate them being alone together.

The complainant described Waller as ‘good looking’ and after several instances of them kissing, she lied to her parents about staying with a friend so that she could spend the night with him.

The court heard that Waller took her back to his home and was ‘kissing and cuddling’ the topless teenager on his bed before he moved his hand under her jeans.

She said: “He was just saying don’t worry, relax, you will enjoy it.

“But then it just became a bit much, when he started putting it (his hand) inside I didn’t like it, it just felt really uncomfortable, he kept saying ‘it will get better, you will really like it’.

“I didn’t feel like I had any control.

“I told him it hurt, I told him I didn’t like it."

She added: “He is a lot bigger than I was, I remember him putting his hand on my chest, it wasn’t forceful but it felt if I moved it could turn into it.

“It wasn’t a good experience.”

The complainant, who recalled seeing Waller’s police uniform hung up in his bedroom that night, said they had unprotected sex.

Early the following morning she said she was ‘rushed’ out of the house by him and she bled throughout the next day.

She later confided in her sister who told their mum.

Afterwards, she said that she never saw Waller again although she did receive some text messages saying she should not tell anybody what had happened between them.

The complainant appeared in court behind privacy screens for cross examination.

Nicholas Lumley QC suggested that the sex may have been 'far from ideal' but it was not rape.

The complainant replied: "Thirteen years later I realised what it was. If it was my little sister or little daughter (at that age) I would consider it rape, yes."

Waller, 33, of Eastleigh, Thornaby, denies all the charges against him relating to eight victims.

These include three charges of rape, three counts of inciting underage girls to engage in sexual activity, three of meeting or attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming, two counts of sexual activity with a child, and one of sexual assault.

The trial continues.