EQUUS Leather must be doing something right. The leather-goods business stitched up an historic four wins at this year’s Teesdale Business Awards, including Best Business Trading Outside Teesdale. Their luxury goods, which combine heritage craft skills and cutting-edge technology, sell to more than 70 countries.

The County Durham company was founded by husband and wife team Charlie and Dawn Trevor, who believe the secret of their success lies in pairing artisan skills with top quality materials. “In the ‘want it now’ world of fast fashion, true luxury is the touch of a craftsman’s hand, the shortness of the link from an artisan to the owner of an object,” says Charlie. “However far mechanisation develops, it will never be able to impart the soul to an object the craftsman’s hand can.”

At their Westholme workshop, the Equus team produce leather belts, wallets, watchstraps, dog collars and leads. They’re not cheap, but they are beautiful… and they will last you a lifetime.

W: http://equusleather.co.uk