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More power to your shower

Showers are now such a commonplace feature in our homes that it's difficult to imagine life without them - but far more than being just a means of getting clean, a good shower helps us revive and restore, setting us up for the day. Here, an expert shares five essential things you need to know before upgrading your shower...

Guy's born-again barn

WHEN Guy Smith looked at the detailed drawings an architect had drawn up in order to convert the third of the derelict, crumbling barns on his parents’ farm into a dwelling, something felt wrong. So he ripped up the paper plans and chose to work from ideas in his head and heart instead.

Through the roof?

This is a warning to everyone with a mortgage. The rates on new mortgage deals are getting more expensive, and there is a plausible chance of UK base rates increasing. If you have a mortgage, you should check urgently if you can slice the rate down – you may gain £1,000s right now.

Peddie's two hours of laughter

BBC Newcastle is to launch a new comedy programme for the North-East called It’s Grin Up North. Created by and hosted by comedian Steffen Peddie, the two-hour show, which starts on Friday, August 10, aims to give the audience ‘a whole lotta laughs’ with gags, sketches and interviews, as well as great music.

Robson Green stars in BBC One's new six-part drama, Age Before Beauty tonight

THE past few years have been good to Robson Green. The veteran actor, 53, has had viewers hooked on his stirring portrayal of gruff inspector, Geordie Keating, in Grantchester; impressed with his death-defying stunts as Lieutenant Colonel Philip Locke in Strike Back; and travelled far and wide in his bid to explore Britain's coastlines for countless documentaries.