IT'S hard to believe that Lisa Snowdon was so disillusioned with the hunt for Mr Right that she stopped dating for a year and resorted to therapy to try and work out where it had all gone so wrong.

To the outside world, she appeared to have it all; a successful model, with a flourishing career as a TV and radio presenter. She'd dated a string of handsome, eligible men, including a five-year, on-off romance with George Clooney. Yet by 2015, aged 43, she found herself still single.

Now she talks frankly about how, after being diagnosed with depression, she turned her romantic fortunes around and met her "soulmate" in entrepreneur fiance George Smart.

"I was in a bit of vicious cycle where I was attracting the wrong sort of person. I got stuck in a rut with that for a long time," admits the 46-year-old. "In 2015, I had therapy for around a year, went on a dating detox and started meditating. I needed to have a break and work out what I was doing wrong. It was big learning curve for me and I had the space to look at things afresh," says Snowdon, whose dates over the years have included British model Paul Sculfor, American actor Gary Dourdan and England international footballer Jay Bothroyd.

Hertfordshire-born, Snowdon had Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for her depression, a type of therapy which helps people to identify unhelpful thought patterns that can lead to negative emotions.

She believes that, as well as therapy, a regular energising exercise routine and supplements have helped to transform her health and outlook.

"I should have got help years earlier, because I've had some really unhappy times, with real bouts of depression. I needed to re-balance myself. It was about breaking the cycle, having distance from everybody, sending out positive stuff to the universe and imagining what I wanted from my life," she says. "That's when George [Smart] came back into my life. Crazy, magical mediation brought him to me, which is strange but amazing."

The couple, who have been together for two years, briefly dated 15 years previously when she was a presenter at MTV, but eventually split because of their eight-year age gap. "A friend of mine reintroduced us and it was instant. Getting back together felt like coming home in a really soppy, love-story way. It was almost as though time had to pass first, and it was fate that we would end up back together."

She admits it's a contentment she'd resigned herself to never experiencing."I didn't think I could be this happy. I've always been a very independent person and definitely don't think you need a man in your life to be happy, but it's wonderful to have someone."

Although they've been engaged for a year, the couple are laid-back about their wedding plans, but have said the occasion will be quiet and intimate. "It's taken me all this time to find my perfect person and we want to enjoy being together. He's an amazing man who's got a very calming influence on me. He's grounded, kind, loving and supportive, so I couldn't ask for any more," she says, beaming. I almost feel like I don't need a piece of paper, or a day, to cement how I feel. I'm reluctant to spend so much money when every day feels great," she says.

As a couple, they've decided not to have a family. She admits: "Although I have moments when I feel sad and have pangs of desire for a baby, I'm a realist. Unfortunately, I've never been settled enough to consider children, but now I've found George, it's a lot later in my life. I realise motherhood's not my path and we're having such a great time travelling together and having adventures. I'm a devoted auntie and godmother, so that makes up for it."

Down-to-earth and charming, Snowdon was only 19 when her statuesque 5ft 10in curvy frame won her a modelling contract with a top agency. She became one of the UK's top models, appearing in glossy titles like Vogue and fashion campaigns with everyone from Gucci to Marks & Spencer. She fronted TV's Britain's Next Top Model for four years and co-presented Capital FM's breakfast show until 2015.

"I finally feel much more grounded and confident, and George has helped so much with that. I try to be the best person I can, and be kind to people. I accept myself for what I am and it's a good feeling to finally say I actually quite like myself," says Snowdon.

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