AS anecdotes go, they don't come much weirder than the one about Star Wars director George Lucas admonishing Darth Vader for eating a kipper roll in a break between takes.

How about being mistaken for Rolling Stones drummer Brian Jones by guitar hero Jimi Hendrix through a haze of some exotic substance.

Or maybe taking a first class plane trip alongside multi-talented Stevie Wonder and former Manchester United manager Tommy Docherty.

All three tales formed part of actor Robin Askwith's latest triumphant appearance before an appreciative audience at Darlington's Forum Music Centre on Monday evening.

Askwith was making his fourth appearance at an event hosted by Darlington Film Club, in conjunction with the Misty Moon Film Society and Darlington For Culture.

And, as usual, he ripped through an eclectic set, talking non-stop for one-and-a-half hours and rattling off anecdote after anecdote from his 50 year film, television and stage career.

His stories featured encounters with some of the biggest names in the entertainment world ­– including Quentin Tarantino, Marc Bolan, Harrison Ford and Bobby Davro.

For added spice, Askwith's friend and one-time pantomime co-star, cricket legend Ian Botham, was in the audience – and he did not escape without an acerbic comment or two from the man he calls 'squiffy'.

Askwith was speaking after a screening of Cool It Carol, the 1970 film which gave him his first leading role.

He spoke fondly of the making of the film and his part in it, making clear that he is proud to have been part of the production.

Above all ­– and behind all of his rude and risque banter – Askwith is a man who respects his craft and his fellow actors and takes pride in the delight he has provided for audiences over five decades.

At the end of his show, Askwith read out a list of some of his films to gauge support for a potential fifth appearance.

Bless This House was the winner and, from the audience reaction, another return visit is far from out of the question.