A GROWING number of cost-conscious householders in the North-East are waiting until the culinary carnage of Christmas is over before having their ovens professionally cleaned.

According to a mini-poll conducted on behalf of oven valeting company Ovenu, cooks are delaying the deep clean until after they see in the New Year – to avoid any possibility of paying out twice.

The run up to Christmas is one of the firm’s busiest times of the year, with clients keen to have their ovens spic and span in time for cooking the traditional Christmas dinner.

The survey found nearly 55 per cent of those questioned preferred a clean oven ready for the festive season – while 45 per cent are happy to wait until after New Year.

Rik Hellewell, founder and managing director of Ovenu, said: “We are busy throughout the year but the run-up to Christmas is always intense – given we squeeze a month’s work into just three weeks – but we have noticed more clients are now willing to leave their professional valet until January or February.

“We are seeing a new trend for people waiting until after those huge family festive meals are out of the way.

“A professional clean remains the best way to get rid of all that dirt and grime - and if your oven needs a thorough cleaning before Christmas then its sensible to do so to avoid any possible spread of bacteria caused by the build-up of decaying food.

“However, if it’s in a reasonable condition, it certainly makes sense to wait until Christmas is over and the last bit of turkey is consumed.”

It’s no surprise that the number of people wishing to have their ovens professionally valeted is on the rise. The poll, conducted by independent market research company DRG, found that 71 per cent of those questioned admitted that cleaning the oven was their most dreaded kitchen task.

Meanwhile, almost ten per cent identified washing the dishes as their worst chore whilst eight per cent avoided cleaning out the fridge and two per cent hated wiping out the microwave.

The poll, which involved a sample of 1,363 people, revealed many would rather not think about the state of their oven - with 41 per cent admitting they clean only when it’s very dirty. Just 32 per cent said they regularly clean their oven, with 26 per cent saying they did so sporadically.

Rik added: “It is important to regularly clean your oven as failure to do so can lead to the development of mould. Whatever time of year, Ovenu use eco-friendly products to leave your oven free of germs and looking brand new.”

The valeting process involves dismantling key components of an oven such as the door, interior panels, fan and shelves and placing them into design-registered tank equipment, which uses safe, non-caustic products to clean oven parts. The whole process takes around three to four hours and leaves the oven, hob and exterior in immaculate condition.

For further details call Ovenu on 0800 206 2563, email enquiries@ovenu.co.uk or visit www.ovenu.co.uk