Air pollution will continue to be a killer, Government admits

The Northern Echo: Defra

2:07pm Tuesday 22nd July 2014

AIR pollution will continue to kill hundreds of people every year in the North-East for at least another decade, the Government has admitted.

Cash flows for River Tees project

The Northern Echo: A rural scene showing The River Tees near Stockton

6:04am Thursday 17th July 2014

“THE river is the reason why we’re here, why we’ve always been here, and it’s time to kindle a new relationship with it.”

Community project reaps the benefits of its first year

The Northern Echo: VEG OUT: Ann and Tony Barmby, who are involved with the Veg Out project in Barnard Castle. Picture: TOM BANKS

6:04am Thursday 17th July 2014

A COMMUNITY project to develop pop-up gardens in unlikely locations in a County Durham town is reaping the benefits of a successful first year.

Appeal for seal monitoring volunteers along the Tees

The Northern Echo: STANDALONE PHOTO. Seals and seal pups bask on the banks of the River Tees, on an area called the Seal Sands which is now designated as the Teesmouth National Nature Reserve.  There are up to 70 harbour seals and 30 grey seals exposed on the mudbanks, than

3:40pm Wednesday 16th July 2014

SEAL monitors are being sought along the River Tees.

Poisonous flower thought extinct found near Sunderland

The Northern Echo:

3:29pm Wednesday 16th July 2014

A NATIONAL Trust warden in Sunderland has discovered a poisonous flower which was thought to be extinct in the wild.

Sorry landowner inadvertently destroyed bat roost

The Northern Echo: Bat Night

8:12pm Thursday 10th July 2014

A LANDOWNER who inadvertently destroyed a bat roost by demolishing a disused filling station appeared before magistrates today (Thursday, July 10).

Butterfly walk at Stillington

The Northern Echo: ø; (7960913)

10:56am Tuesday 8th July 2014

THERE will be a guided walk around Stillington Forest Park, Stockton on Tees, on Sunday July 20 from 1pm to 3pm.

Government needs a Cilla Black to find farming blind dates, says North Yorkshire MP

The Northern Echo: MP Anne McIntosh

1:08pm Thursday 3rd July 2014

A NORTH Yorkshire MP has told ministers to play the role of matchmaker Cilla Black and take inspiration from Blind Date to improve farming in the UK.

If you go down to the woods today - look out for the lobster moth

The Northern Echo:

12:00am Thursday 3rd July 2014

NATURE lovers are being urged to look out for lobsters in the woods - a bizarre request that will actually help conservationists monitor moth populations.

Youths work together to spruce up community nature reserve

The Northern Echo: CREATIVE BUILDING: Students from Stockton Riverside College have been working with the Prince's Trust to create a picnic area in Maidendale Nature Reserve in Darlington.  In this created area are Beth Styles, Darryl Irion, Chantara Baker, Jennifer Caw

12:31pm Sunday 29th June 2014

A TEAM of young people rolled up their sleeves to help transform a community nature reserve for the benefit of local people.

Threatened species could cope better with climate change if competition restricted, say Durham University researchers

The Northern Echo: Chamois on cliffs Pic: Tom Mason.

2:28pm Tuesday 24th June 2014

THREATENED animal species could cope better with the effects of climate change if competition from other animals for the same habitats is restricted, according to new research by Durham University.

Valuable peatland restored in North Yorkshire

12:18am Friday 20th June 2014

THE Yorkshire Peat Partnership has restored 17,000 hectares of peatland in North Yorkshire - the equivalent of about 10,000 football pitches - and is well on track to hitting its target of 35,000 hectares by 2017.

Families urged to discover what comes out after dark at RSPB Saltholme's Big Wild Sleepout

2:01pm Tuesday 17th June 2014

FAMILIES are urged to prepare for camping with a difference this month by joining an exclusive event at RSPB Saltholme, near Stockton.

Fire crews to the rescue for ducks in a drain

10:45pm Tuesday 10th June 2014

FIREFIGHTERS never duck a challenge and that was certainly the case this evening. (Tuesday)

Endangered butterflies spread their wings

The Northern Echo: TAKING FLIGHT: The small pearl-bordered fritillary

5:38pm Monday 9th June 2014

EIGHT new arrivals have set hearts aflutter among wildlife experts as a project to save an endangered butterfly takes off.

Who will follow marina in this year's eco prizes?

The Northern Echo: OUTSTANDING WINNER: The new units at Seaham Harbour Marina

5:17pm Thursday 5th June 2014

THE 25th Durham Environment Awards will be launched today to "reward great design, environmental guardianship and community spirit" in the county.

Aiming to save the world


PICTURED....Eco Team members Danny Longworth (9), Ellie Thirkell (11, front) with Courtney Moffatt (10) and Savannah Scorer (9) from Cotsford Junior School in Horden

5:16pm Thursday 5th June 2014

A SCHOOL where a green agenda forms part of all aspects of the curriculum is hoping to become an ambassador for environmentally friendly learning.

Hives create a new town buzz

The Northern Echo: (6019793)

5:14pm Thursday 5th June 2014

IN a sheltered area of a quiet Darlington park, new life is being breathed into a disused bowling green. But rather than bowling teams returning to tread the peaceful green, tens of thousands of honey bees are staking their claim to the land as part of a community beekeeping initiative.

Modern lights add a new shine to the crown of the city

The Northern Echo: (6499796)

5:13pm Thursday 5th June 2014

New energy efficient lights have slashed Durham Cathedral’s electricity bill by nearly £6,000 a year and won it third prize in an international competition to find the globe's most sustainable lighting. Mark Tallentire went in search of illumination.

Where there's muck, there's gas

The Northern Echo: SUNRISE AT BRAN SANDS: Northumbrian Water's "power from poo" plant  at Teesport

5:12pm Thursday 5th June 2014

Philippa Clark, of our sponsors Northumbrian Water, explains how the company makes power from poo, and how you can save water – and energy.

Bright idea for the future of rail

5:10pm Thursday 5th June 2014

What's thought to be Europe’s first solar-powered railway is due to open in the region next year. Chris Webber found out more

Farming the sun to tackle soaring energy bills

The Northern Echo: (6471082)

5:09pm Thursday 5th June 2014

Gavin Engelbrecht visits the farm with the largest collection of solar panels in the North-East.

Is anaerobic digestion the future of UK's food waste problem?

The Northern Echo: The Emerald Biogas plant in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham (6469390)

5:07pm Thursday 5th June 2014

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure but, when it comes to biogas, we could all be winners. Lizzie Anderson asks whether anaerobic digestion is the future of UK’s food waste problem?

Is fracking the answer?

The Northern Echo: RUNNING OUT: Campaigners claim Britain's coal reserves - including at Kellingley Colliery in North Yorkshire - will run out within five years

5:05pm Thursday 5th June 2014

With researchers claiming that Britain's existing oil, gas and coal reserves will only last five years, Joe Willis asks if fracking and the cutting-edge deep gas winning process are the answer.

Trust asks gardeners to boycott stolen moss

The Northern Echo: STOLEN MOSS: Gardeners urged to check hanging baskets for stolen moss

3:56pm Wednesday 21st May 2014

WILDLIFE experts are urging gardeners not to buy moss for hanging baskets unless they know where it came from.

Dodgy plumbing is a risk to health and the environment

The Northern Echo: WRONG PLUMBING: Sewerage support manager Alison Wilson poses in a bath in Darlington's Cocker Beck to highlight the problem of wrongly plumbed household appliances. PICTURE: Stuart Boulton. (6421738)

3:30pm Wednesday 21st May 2014

HOMES across the North-East have bathroom and kitchen appliances wrongly plumbed into the sewer network, water company bosses say.

It's a moss-tery - police probe as moss stolen from County Durham nature reserve

The Northern Echo: Stolen moss: police are investigating

6:03am Wednesday 21st May 2014

POLICE are investigating after thieves stole large quantities of moss from a remote patch of North-East countryside.

Wildlife charity urges residents not to interfere with garden birds

5:24pm Sunday 11th May 2014

ANIMAL lovers are urging people not to help baby birds which they find seemingly defenceless on the floor.

Volunteers wait for first glimpse of peregrine falcon chicks

The Northern Echo: Peregrine Falcon

3:18pm Sunday 11th May 2014

VOLUNTEERS at a viewpoint overlooking a peregrine falcon nest are eagerly awaiting the first glimpse of newborn chicks.

Deer poachers in the Consett area are being targeted by police

The Northern Echo: Police: Seeking information on poachers(6002036)

2:42pm Wednesday 7th May 2014

A NUMBER of arrests have been made following a spate of deer poaching in County Durham.

Anglers angry at fertile fish ban in River Wear

The Northern Echo: ROD BAN: Pair banned for illegal stroke hauling

3:38pm Monday 5th May 2014

A ROW has broken out between anglers and the Environment Agency over how a North-East river should be restocked.

Lakeside homes up for grabs - but only if you have feathers

The Northern Echo: The tern rafts

12:12pm Thursday 1st May 2014

HOMES with a lakeside view are up for grabs at a North-East nature reserve.

Waterways project aims to clean up streams

The Northern Echo: Grant for reserve work

1:37pm Tuesday 15th April 2014

A WATERWAYS project held a fun day with a serious message in Darlington.

Warning over illegal fishing

The Northern Echo: Environment Agency inspect beck

5:44pm Monday 14th April 2014

ELEVEN people have been caught illegally fishing  in the North-East since the coarse fish close season began last month, the Environment Agency has said.

Two-tone Harley - the 50m-to-one mutant

The Northern Echo: Aquarist Amy McFarlane with Harley, centre, flanked by his two moults.

12:57pm Thursday 10th April 2014

TWO-tone lobster Harley Quinn is something of a split personality.

Butterfly numbers on the up

The Northern Echo: High brown fritillary - photo by Tim Melling, Butterfly Conservation

10:34am Wednesday 9th April 2014

UK butterflies rallied last summer following their worst year on record, but numbers were still below average, a study has revealed.

Redcar MP backs rival high speed train scheme that promises more for the North

The Northern Echo: Redcar MP urges New Marske residents to have their say

6:35pm Friday 4th April 2014

AN MP has broken ranks by urging ministers to explore a rival high-speed rail scheme which promises bigger benefits to the North-East.

Mild winter and greater variety of food leads to changes in RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch top ten

The Northern Echo: Goldfinch

12:00am Thursday 27th March 2014

A MILD winter and a change in the food provided has led to some significant changes in the number and varieties of birds visiting the regions gardens.

Two Durham bird watchers among quartet embarking on 300-mile walk in name of the turtle dove

The Northern Echo: Jonny Rankin

5:06pm Wednesday 26th March 2014

IT'S called Dove Step and it will involve four bird watchers walking 300 miles to the North-East.

Campaign launched to save North Yorkshire's Barn Owls

The Northern Echo: Wildlife on "threatened land" in West Cornwall protected forever

10:54am Tuesday 25th March 2014

ONCE a common sight gliding over fields and country roads, the barn owl is in decline.

Campaign to preserve Caterhouse Pit as nature area

The Northern Echo: TALKING TO SMALL FIRMS: Councillor Mark Wilkes

11:29am Tuesday 25th March 2014

A CAMPAIGN has been launched for a parcel of land to be declared a nature reserve, saving it from any future housing development.

Seaham, Seaton Carew, Staithes and Scarborough beaches could fall foul of new EU directives

The Northern Echo: Staithes harbour. Picture: Andy Redhead

7:55pm Sunday 16th March 2014

FOUR North beaches are included on a blacklist of areas that face being declared unfit for bathing.

Mild weather sees puffins return earlier to the Farne Islands

The Northern Echo: REG  David Steel, lead Ranger for the National Trust, with a Farnes puffin on an earlier occasion.

7:08pm Thursday 13th March 2014

PUFFINS have started to return to their breeding grounds on the Farne Islands two weeks early thanks to the milder spring temperatures.

Plea from Thirsk rescue centre to those who try to help injured foxes

The Northern Echo: Young foxes can become imprinted on their human carers.

6:06pm Monday 10th March 2014

A WILDLIFE rescue charity has issued a heartfelt plea to people who take in a care for injured, sick or orphaned foxes.

RSPB urges North East to look out for endangered hen harrier

The Northern Echo: A male Hen Harrier in flight

5:44pm Monday 10th March 2014

PEOPLE across the region are being urged to keep an eye out for one of England’s most threatened birds of prey.

Nature lovers get ready to celebrate RSPB Saltholme's fifth anniversary

The Northern Echo: Saltholme

6:59pm Thursday 6th March 2014

THIS week marks RSPB Saltholme's fifth anniversary.

Thousands of North-East homes at "significant risk" of flooding

The Northern Echo: Fire crews try to pump water out of properties at Burnside Grove, Stockton in 2012.

5:27pm Tuesday 25th February 2014

THOUSANDS of homes across the region are at significant risk of flooding, it has been revealed.

Extra three to eight billion barrels of oil could be extracted from the North Sea oilfields, Durham University expert says

The Northern Echo: An oil rig like this was proposed for Poole Bay

2:45pm Monday 24th February 2014

AN extra three to eight billion barrels of oil could be extracted from the North Sea oilfields, but only with significant investment, according to a Durham University expert.

Darlington designer Giles Deacon swaps catwalk for bird box to promote RSPB campaign

The Northern Echo: Giles Deacon's nestbox

12:00am Friday 14th February 2014

COUNTY Durham fashion designer Giles Deacon swapped the catwalk for the bird box to help the RSPB promote one of its campaigns.

National Park Authority vows to fight Government plans to allow greater flexibility in converting barns to commercial units

The Northern Echo: Landscape of the Yorkshire Dales

7:30pm Tuesday 11th February 2014

A NATIONAL park authority has voted to block Government planning rules that allow disused Dales barns to be converted into small business units.

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