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Women at war

The Northern Echo:

4:56pm Monday 21st July 2014

WITH glossy, white hair and wearing a floral knee-length fitted dress and heels, Kate Adie looks very different from the flak-jacketed war correspondent who first appeared on our TV screens in the Eighties.

Wonderful career

The Northern Echo:

11:34am Monday 21st July 2014

ON Wednesday July 21 1954, 21-year-old Keith Hopper, in his first season with Bishop Auckland Cricket Club, strode to the wicket at Grangefield Cricket Ground in Stockton to join his skipper, Bill Proud, at the crease against Middlesbrough in the final of the Kerridge Cup.

Scholars and scandals

The Northern Echo:

11:07am Monday 21st July 2014

WOLSINGHAM school opened on June 19, 1614, after William James, the Bishop of Durham, had given land to nine eminent local men for the buildings. The nine men became trustees, and each was allowed to nominate two local poor boys, aged more than eight, to receive three years of education in the Christian religion and basic grammar.

The deadly crash of 1969

The Northern Echo:

10:48am Monday 21st July 2014

FRED HENDERSON was doubly delighted to see the picture in Memories 185 of the ANSA garage at Langley Moor, near Durham City.

When religion was treason

The Northern Echo:

10:33am Monday 21st July 2014

NOWADAYS, the churches in Trimdon are very ecumenical. They get on very well with each other. Today, both Protestant and Catholic churches are open to the public to help commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Catholic church that was built on land given by the kindly Protestant landowner.

Projects to commemorate First World War centenary awarded £100,000 by Heritage Lottery Fund

The Northern Echo: WAR AT SEA: The damaged bow of the ship Firfield after the German bombardment of Hartlepool. The ship was later torpedoed

6:02am Monday 21st July 2014

SEVEN projects that will see the centenary of of the First World War commemorated in different ways across the North-East have been awarded more than £100,000 by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

A grand aristocrat, by George!

The Northern Echo:

4:14pm Monday 14th July 2014

SHE may have been the daughter of the King of Greece, the cousin of King George V and have married into Russia’s Imperial family, but this was one Grand Duchess who didn’t mind getting her hands dirty.

Golden memories

The Northern Echo:

1:06pm Monday 14th July 2014

WITH the 2014 Commonwealth Games fast approaching, we look back at the achievements of a man our North-East athletes will be looking to emulate in Glasgow On August 6, 1978, all eyes were on the Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Canada.

Pull over for exhibition

The Northern Echo:

12:51pm Monday 14th July 2014

AT the end of this month, Lingfield Point is celebrating 60 years of its existence on the edge of Darlington by staging an exhibition.

Readers help put us in the picture again

12:12pm Monday 14th July 2014

MEMORIES 183 took us over to Spout House at Bilsdale on the North York Moors, where there has been a pub called the Sun Inn since time immemorial.

Paying a heavy price

The Northern Echo:

12:24pm Monday 14th July 2014

HUTTON MAGNA is a little place on which the First World War had a big impact. One hundred years ago, it and its neighbour, West Layton, comprised 55 houses. Even in those overcrowded days, the population of the two villages cannot have been more than a few hundred.

Telling the Hole story

The Northern Echo:

12:09pm Monday 14th July 2014

IN the summer of 1964, the Hole in the Wall colliery was winding down. Men were being laid off and, although there had been no official announcement, test borings for a new seam had been poor, so the writing was on the wall.

Sport Memories: When the Milk Race came to the North-East

The Northern Echo: ON YOUR BIKE: Spectators gather as The 1972 Milk Race goes through Hetton-le-Hole

11:38am Monday 7th July 2014

THOUSANDS of spectators are expected the line the route of the Tour de France’s Grand Depart this weekend, but in years gone by the region has played a big part in the most prestigious cycling event in the British calendar.

Feared in the classroom

The Northern Echo: IMPOSING EDIFICE:  A pre-First World War postcard of Darlington High School for Girls in Cleveland Terrace

11:38am Monday 7th July 2014

MEMORIES 184 told the extraordinary tale of Bentley Beetham, who was born in Darlington, became a schoolmaster in Barnard Castle and, amazingly, took part in George Mallory's fateful expedition up Everest in 1924.

Wealth creator or crook?

The Northern Echo: PEIRSE'S CREST: A bookplate found in a gardening book from Thomas' 18th Century library

11:36am Monday 7th July 2014

Building a port 26 miles from the sea may seem like folly, but it very nearly worked for 18th Century entrepreneur Thomas Peirse

And so the final chapter...

The Northern Echo: SOME SHELLS: These are French shells, as pictured in the Echo on July 12, 1916 – something like these shells accounted for poor George

11:34am Monday 7th July 2014

The diary of Gunner George, which has charted the relentless horror of war, reaches a tragic conclusion on the bloody fields of the Somme

Diary of Gunner George James: Over the top and into battle

The Northern Echo: DIARIST: Gunner George James

2:13pm Monday 30th June 2014

AT 7.30am on July 1, 1916, the guns stopped, the mines exploded, the whistles blew and the British soldiers climbed up out of their trenches and walked into no man’s land towards the German lines.

High-born and the ordinary man - everyone suffered as the fighting raged on

The Northern Echo: WAR MEMORIES: Diane Bell and Jennifer Priestley  pictured inside next to the war memorial prior to the village’s WW1 remembrance exhibitionStaindrop Church. Picture:SARAH CALDECOTT 


2:12pm Monday 30th June 2014

FROM the castle to the cottage, no family was safe from the First World War. Two years after it ended, on December 12, 1920, villagers from Staindrop gathered to remember those of the 200 they had waved off to fight but whom had never come home.

Rat who left a sinking ship

The Northern Echo: STRANGE CAR: The one in front has a bell on the bumper and a light on the roof

2:09pm Monday 30th June 2014

"THERE can be no doubt that it was to his defaults that the loss of this vessel is mainly due," concluded the official inquiry into the sinking of the SS Clan Macduff in 1881. "In abandoning his ship as he did, he shewed a lamentable want of those qualities which ought to distinguish the master of a British vessel."

Italia upset

The Northern Echo: JOINING TEAM: Roy Aitken signs for Newcastle in January 1990

2:12pm Monday 23rd June 2014

LET’S face it, not many would have predicted Costa Rica to beat Uruguay 3-1 in their World Cup opener last Saturday, except for those who remember Italia 90.

Rude rhymes and ghosts

The Northern Echo: MOST HAUNTED: Darlington’s Civic Theatre, very soon after it opened in 1907

12:28pm Monday 23rd June 2014

MEMORIES appears to have been lead astray, in the nicest possible way, by Kirby Sigston WI. Kirby Sigston is a delightfully hidden part of the world to the east of Northallerton, as we told in Memories 182.

Raising a forgotten hero

The Northern Echo: ON THE 1924 EXPEDITION: Bentley Beetham (1886-1963)

11:56am Monday 23rd June 2014

IT was the end of the third round. We had taken punishment. We were retiring to a corner to recuperate. There was to be another round, or rounds, of course. The mountain could be, and would be, climbed.

Bombardment story to explode in London

The Northern Echo: EXHIBITION POSTCARDS: Unexploded shells collected in Hartlepool after the bombardment of December 16, 1914

11:43am Monday 23rd June 2014

ON July 19, the Imperial War Museum in London will reopen with a major new exhibition about the First World War, utilising the museum’s unparalleled collection of 1,300 wartime items.

Delivering the killer blow

The Northern Echo: Gunner George

11:22am Monday 23rd June 2014

NINETY-EIGHT years ago this week, Gunner George James was in the trenches near Albert, in northern France, writing his diary.

Bede Contingent stuck their oar in

The Northern Echo: ALL THAT WAS LEFT: The Bede Contingent after the First World War

3:14pm Monday 16th June 2014

IT is the premier rowing event at Durham Regatta and in 1910, it was won by a team from Bede College.

Fair enough, it’s a mess

The Northern Echo: IT’S LIKE STAGEYBANK FAIR: A Border Fair by John Ritchie, with Corbridge in the background. The picture is in the Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle

2:40pm Monday 16th June 2014

IF a child’s bedroom was untidy, a south-west Durham grandmother might be heard to exclaim: “Eee, this place is like Stageybank Fair.”

Into the jaws of hell

The Northern Echo: Gunner George

2:32pm Monday 16th June 2014

GUNNER GEORGE JAMES’ 1916 diary is now reaching its critical phase. Returning from leave in the warmth of his coalming community in County Durham, he suddenly finds that he is a tiny part in one of the largest military build-ups of the First World War.

The unlikely Italian hero

The Northern Echo: IN ACTION: Pino playing for Lazio

1:06pm Monday 16th June 2014

THE 1974 Italian World Cup squad is packed with famous footballing names. There’s Dino Zoff, one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time who is the oldest person ever to win the trophy. There’s captain Giacinto Facchetti, the first great attacking full-back.

Blaydon Race heroes

The Northern Echo: THE OFF: Mike McLeod, wearing number 334, leads the field as the runners set off in the 1992 Blaydon Race

3:38pm Monday 9th June 2014

THE year 1981 was a big one for North-East athletes, none more so than Elswick Harriers member Mike McLeod.

Engineers of change

The Northern Echo: PICTURE FROM AN EXHIBITION: Stivvies’ fire engine at the Springfield factory pictured after the First World War. From the left: Mr Gowan, Mr Cummins, Mr Barrass, Mr Greenwell and Mr Docherty (others unknown)

3:29pm Monday 9th June 2014

THIS month’s exhibition in the Darlington Centre for Local Studies in Crown Street library concerns “Stivvies” – Robert Stephenson Hawthorn and Company.

Raising the roof again . . .

The Northern Echo: NICE ROOF: The Coatham Hydro Hotel in Redcar in the D-Day movie Atonement

3:19pm Monday 9th June 2014

A mansard roof has two slopes on it, the lower one being much steeper than the upper one. It is named after François Mansart, a 17th Century French architect whose buildings were “renowned for their high degree of refinement, subtlety, and elegance”.

Thrills on the high seas

The Northern Echo: IN THE FRAME: Bob and Pauline Scarre with their painting of the SS Thirlby

2:58pm Monday 9th June 2014

THIRLBY is a little village to the east of Thirsk, which sits in the shadow of the Cleveland Hills as they rise up to the North York Moors.

A race through time

The Northern Echo: SETTING OFF: Cyclists at the start of one of the stages in the 1976 Milk Race ride through Darlington

2:29pm Monday 2nd June 2014

AS THE region prepares for the arrival of the Tour de France, we look in the Echo archives at the Tour of Britain Milk Race, which ran from 1958 for 35 years.

Castles that were fort over

The Northern Echo: (6631288)

1:53pm Monday 2nd June 2014

lamb3 Lambton Castle, built between 1797 and 1828

A hero is honoured at last

The Northern Echo: WOUNDED THREE TIMES: Private Edward Pratt, of Aycliffe

1:56pm Monday 2nd June 2014

PRIVATE Edward Henry Pratt gave his life for his country in the First World War, but he lies in an “unmarked, unpurchased” grave in Darlington’s West Cemetery.

A night to remember

The Northern Echo: SS STORSTAD: The Norwegian collier, built in 1910 in Newcastle by Armstrong, Whitworth and Company. It sank the Empress of Ireland

11:37am Monday 2nd June 2014

THE pointed prow of the smaller Norwegian steamship cut into the huge liner like a “chisel into tin”, slicing between its steel ribs as smoothly and as deadly as an assassin’s blade.

The old ones are the best

The Northern Echo: Trevor Bunker (left) with his 1952 Jowett Javelin and Alf Heseltine with his 1954 version.  (6289873)

2:03pm Thursday 29th May 2014

Cars that were once steered like a boat, long remembered football teams and whatever did happen to percussion bands...?

Two hundred year old letter returns home to the smallest post office in Britain

The Northern Echo: LETTER FROM THE PAST:  A letter postmarked May 27, 1814,  which was posted in Peter Troy’s house when it was the post office in Rushyford. Picture: TOM BANKS. (6088410)

2:01pm Thursday 29th May 2014

rushy MAIN PIC The terrace at Rushyford, with the blacksmith's at the top and the post office just out of view to the left

Medal for seaman killed so close to safe return after war

The Northern Echo: WAR MEDAL:Copy of photograph of George Anderson of Spennymoor who has been posthumously awarded the Arctic Star.    Picture: ANDY LAMB

6:02am Monday 26th May 2014

TWO sisters have spoken of their pride after completing a set of World War II service medals for the father they never knew.

King of the Toon

The Northern Echo: CUP KINGS: Joe Harvey is hoisted aloft by his Newcastle teammates after retaining the FA Cup in 1952

4:32pm Tuesday 20th May 2014

HULL City and Arsenal contest the FA Cup final at Wembley tonight, so this week’s Sport Memories profiles the man who captained Newcastle United to back-to-back FA Cups in the 1950s It has been far too long since Newcastle United lifted a piece of silverware let alone the FA Cup, so it was only fitting that the man that led them to their last victory in the competition was honoured recently.

Recalling a crash and the road to ‘nowhere’...

The Northern Echo: CRASH SITE: The lorry smash at the Bay Horse on February 22, 1982

4:28pm Tuesday 20th May 2014

LAST week’s spread of archive pictures of Wolsingham took Craig Porter back to February 22, 1982, when he heard a loud smash near the Bay Horse Hotel, and went running over.

Light shines on dark art

The Northern Echo: DARK ART: The Shafts of Light book

4:25pm Tuesday 20th May 2014

SHAFTS OF LIGHT, the largest exhibition of North-East mining art to be shown for decades, opens today at the Bowes Museum.

Playing family fortunes

The Northern Echo: HUNTING TIMES: A brilliant picture from The Northern Echo archive from November 1930 showing the Zetland Hunt meeting outside Redworth Hall

4:04pm Tuesday 20th May 2014

THE Surtees were one of south Durham’s finest families. They were brave in battle, rich in fortune, big in building and regular in scandal.

Sailing into trouble

The Northern Echo: MERCHANT MAN: Alg Wilkinson in his Ropner’s uniform before the start of the First World War

3:49pm Tuesday 20th May 2014

ON AUGUST 4, 1914, the Germans invaded Belgium, dragging Britain into the First World War. Third Engineer Algernon Wilkinson was also approaching Belgium, on board SS Seapool, which was part of “Ropner’s little navy”.

Plenty to celebrate

The Northern Echo: MEET THE PLAYERS: The 1959 Crook Town. From left, B Steward (No 3), S O’Connell, C Bainbridge, D Carr, M Tracey, R Snowball and A Coates

2:55pm Tuesday 13th May 2014

CROOK Town AFC, one of the North-East’s most successful amateur football clubs, has begun its 125th anniversary celebrations.

Book fair celebrates with an antique catalogue

The Northern Echo: LEARNING IN STYLE: A standard school furney tip-up desk top and attached form

12:22pm Tuesday 13th May 2014

THE 30th annual Darlington Book Fair is at Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College today from 10am to 4pm, as Memories mentioned last week. Another of the curiosities for sale is a North of England School Furnishing Company catalogue from about 1930. The "school furney" had its works off John Street, and its head office and showroom in the superb building which Lloyds Bank has just moved out of on the corner of Skinnergate and Coniscliffe Road.

Chrysler is star of show

The Northern Echo: 03/05/14Ben Gray from Low Coniscliffe pictured with his 1928 Chrysler.pic Sarah Caldecott

2:19pm Monday 12th May 2014

A 1928 Chrysler with a "dicky seat" in the boot will be one of the stars of tomorrow's motor show at Hurworth Grange.

Images that strike a chord

The Northern Echo: MUSICAL YOUTH: The prize-winning Beaumont Street School orchestra in 1948 with their Red Boy

2:17pm Monday 12th May 2014

MEMORIES 174 and 175 told of Beaumont Street School in Darlington, which was behind the Dolphin Centre. The school was demolished in 1966 when a multi-storey car park was planned for its site. Now, after nearly 50 years, the multi-storey may soon be built.

Grandad was a war hero

The Northern Echo: MINISTERING ANGELS: Brenda Wright's picture of Darlington's VAD nurses at their hospital at Woodside in the second half of the war. Brenda's grandmother, Lilian Donald, is fourth from the left on the front row. The hospital commandant, Edith P

2:15pm Monday 12th May 2014

SERGEANT JAMES GRAHAM performed some extremely brave deeds during the First World War. He'd been awarded the Military Medal, the Croix de Guerre, and he had been mentioned in despatches. But his family did not know why.

Final countdown

The Northern Echo: TEAM SPIRIT: Colin Summerson, back right, with fellow players in a Howden-le-Wear line-up from the 1950s

3:49pm Tuesday 6th May 2014

WHENEVER I am shopping in Morrisons, in Bishop Auckland, and feel a tap on my shoulder, followed by, “John, I can remember when West Auckland beat Crook Town 7-0 in a final,” I know straight away who it is.

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