Darlington & D.M.C. Trial, Arkengarthdale, Sunday

Guy Kendrew won the Darlington club's trial at Arkengardale on Sunday after his rival and fellow member of Team JST Gas Gas Richard Sadler crashed out in a freak crash on the moor above the legendary Scott Trial section named Bridge End.

The exit of the Leyburn joiner allowed Wickham visitor John Crinson to claim second place ahead Askrigg garage proprietor Phil Alderson who was test riding the latest TRS trials machine.

Bridge End was buzzing on Sunday morning as seventy three trials rider arrived to ride the Darlington Motor club trial high on the Arkengarthdale Moors. Nigel Cummins and his organising team plotted 13 (13) sections above the famed Scott Trial section. Thanks to Arkengarthdale Estates and Head Gamekeeper Richard Coates the trials course was long and interesting in particular when top North Yorkshire star Richard Sadler took up some form of gliding, without his JST Gas Gas. After a total of nine sections and deficit of just four marks Richard located a hidden rock with front wheel of his machine. That was the end of the day for the Leyburn joiner who pulled out with a battered right leg. He did try to ride section nine but there was no feeling or control in the injured leg. That exit put Guy Kendrew in the driving seat ahead of Tyneside visitor John Crinson and TRS mounted Philp Alderson. Roger Williams was the lone runner in the Inter class and Richard Fraser ran off with the novice division from Montesa mounted Guy Stones. Trevor Willans took the green class from Thomas Coates and Nick Royle. Twenty seven contested the class and the scores were dead on the button. Darren Fowler and Paul Sadler tied on three penalties in the Clubman category with Paul Astwood, Les Richardson and Sam Lambert were poised to strike if the top two faltered.

Richard Sadler has suffered severe bruising to his right leg and thigh following his crash. On Sunday evening he was at home and ice packed on the leg. "I was riding down the moor towards Bridge End when I clipped a small rock with my Gas Gas front wheel and flew over the handlebars. I got back on the machine and tried to ride a section but the leg was just dead. And still is. I have the Lomax Trial this weekend and then on April 28 the Chris Carter. Both are S3 Parts Championship events. My main concern is the Scottish Six Days Trial coming up"

Wetherby D.M.C. Yorkshire Centre Championship Tetley Trophy Trial, Fellbeck, Sunday

Landscaper Ben Hemingway nailed the Tetley Trophy on Sunday at artic Fellbeck where the Wetherby Motor Club staged the third trial in the Yorkshire Centre Championship series. Cold it certainly was at Kingstone Farm where fourteen hardy observers braved an icy breeze but the competition was red hot. Seventy eight competitors rode the trial with three groups covering the Expert course and Clubman A and B routes. Ironically three big names of Yorkshire trialling won the day. Hemingway, East Mortens' evergreen Martin Crosswaite and Birstall motorcycle Dan Thorpe dispatched the 'Young Set'. Sam Yeadon hung onto the trial leaders until incurring a five penalty in section eight in Burtons where section nine claimed a five from Dan Thorpe. That latter penalty allowed Crosswaite some breathing space. Thomas Housecroft and Louis Haley headed the Inters in a tight conflict but sections eight and nine again played a major role with Haley working well in the eighth then stopping in the ninth. The classy ride was by Bradford's Charlie Smith winning the novice class and finishing seventh in such company. Liversedge Clubman A winner Jamie Stephenson came to halt in section two when the chain split link on his Montesa machine did just that – split. A rival loaned Jamie his own machine to head a mile back to parc ferme to get a spare link and within fifteen minutes man and machine were moving, to a class victory. Stephenson Junior, Henry, won the Youth class riding his TRS machine to record a family double. Clubman B went to Centre and Group champion Howard Gulley despite pressure from Harrogate timber merchant Rob Hardisty and Grassington veteran John Maxfield. The latter demonstrated just what can be achieved with a well prepared fifty year old BSA Bantam though the rider possesses above average skills on old British bikes.


Good Friday

Richmond Motor Club, Sid Morton Memorial Trial, Marrick, 10.30 am.

Eboracum M.C. Easy Trial, Moor Farm, Ouseburn 6.30 pm.


Eboracum M.C. Two Day Charity Trial, Moor Farm, Ouseburn 12.30 pm.

Ripon Motor Club, 1st Acklams Summer Championship trial, Hutton Conyers, Small wheels start at 2.00pm, adults etc start at 4.00 pm.


Eboracum M.C. Two Day Charity Trial, Moor Farm, Ouseburn 10.30 am.

Yeadon-Guiseley M.C. Club championship trial, Addingham Moorside, 11.00 am

Easter Monday

Richmond Motor Club, Trial, Carperley Green, Askrigg. 10.30 am.

Northallerton D.M.C. Trial, Stoney Intake Farm, Raisdale, 11.00 am.