Thirsk Motor Club, Trial, Long Plain Farm, Hambleton, Sunday

A HEAVY downpour at Thirsk DMC`s Long Plain Farm trial on Sunday caught riders, mainly experts, napping, a few extra marks going astray but Scarborough`s James Carr, returning to form, came out victor from Adam Milner and Zac Collinson. Mark `George` Reynolds took charge of the evil looking first section. A near vertical climb, plunge back down, then back up over awkward, gnarly rock outcrop to exit. Only Carr and Russ Rooksby (later to retire) cleaning first lap. Milner and Rooksby hit trouble at the savage stepped waterfall, drowning their bikes. Milner got going, while Russ had a long hard push back to the pits. (He is a fit lad though.) Class A winner Darren Gill needed one on the first, only Paul Dennis, James Wainwright, Marc Blenkinsop and Jack Dunn remaining clean. David Pye returned to the scene with a solid ride to win Intermediates, while Rob Hardisty kept his head to see off the experienced Ian Myers by one mark with Triumph mounted Robin Luscombe in third on three lost.

Spen Valley M.C.C. Shrimp Hill Trophy Trial, Addingham Moorside, Sunday

THE Spen Valley club just about beat the rain on Sunday when they ran their annual Shrimp Hill Trial at the exposed Addingham Moorside venue. The event was also the third round in the West Yorkshire Championship series. The Clerk of Course opted for a three lap fourteen section course in an attempt to beat the rain clouds hovering above the Pennine hills. The ploy just about worked and many competitors moved faster than normal and got away before the serious rain blanketed the trial. The hard route featured Dougie Lampkin, Martin Crosswaite and Ben Hemingway who rode the entire trial without a hint of a penalty. T.T. star Ian Hutchinson lost the plot and set fastest time of day in his downhill rock clattering. Dougie called out to Ian that changing down rather than up is a trials ploy. I don't think Hutchy had any time to play with gear levers during the critical period.



North Berks M.C. Belle Trailers A.C.U. Ladies and Girls British Trials Championship, Aston Tirroid, 10.30am.

Darlington & D.M.C. Trial, Eskleth, 11.00am.

Horsforth & D.M.C. Annual Basic Memorial Trial, Blubberhouses, 11.00am.