MIDDLESBROUGH striker Rudy Gestede took to social media after his red card for the sending off at Norwich was overturned.

The decision by the FA means the Boro frontman will now not serve a suspension.

However, while the majority of supporters have welcomed the decision, there were some who were critical of the forward and made their opinions known on Twitter.

Gestede took the platform to thank those who had supported him and made an appeal to those who did not after some - a minority it must be said - had written that they hoped the ban would be upheld.

He wrote: "Delighted we won the Appeal!

"Thank You to those who’ve supported me.

"Advice to some others - Don’t waste your time & energy to hate on (people). Love will always be more powerful!
2We are all on the same team, fighting for the same dream. Remember that #UTB".

Mike McGrother wrote in response: "A message to you Rudy...Your manager backs you. Teesside backs you. You believe in yourself. Play with freedom and power and the rest will follow."

Jarkko Lehtinen wrote: "Well, I always said it was unfair. It looked much worse live but not bad in replays. Saw the match on TV and it was clear you played the ball. And yes, love is tronger than hatred".

Daz Hannan‏ wrote: "Keyboard warriors at every club rudy.. do ya talking on the pitch. good luck fella x".

Kieran Stead‏ wrote: "Majority of the fans who are hating don’t even go to the games! Us that do see you have a big influence on the team! Keep it up #UTB".