SUNDERLAND are in the process of interviewing candidates as Regis Le Bris sets about building his backroom team at the Stadium of Light - but the new head coach doesn't necessarily want to recruit coaches he's worked with before.

It's understood the 48-year-old will have the final say on who joins him at Sunderland, and while the new head coach has described the addition of further coaches as a "priority", he stressed the importance of making the "best" appointment rather than a quick one.

Le Bris is currently getting to know the staff who were already at the club but the backroom team will be bolstered further in the coming weeks.

The Frenchman doesn't have a regular deputy so rather than bring someone with him, he's instead assessing various candidates for the role - revealing that he has already identified the need for any new recruits to be strong at set-pieces and individual development.

"We have a process of interviews which is running right now," he said.

"At the moment I won't say anything but for the whole organisation it's a goal to work with the best teammates on the pitch and off the pitch. We are searching for some candidates and the process is running."


Further quizzed on finalising his new backroom team, Le Bris said: "It's one of our priorities because if we want to develop the players, we need the best possible staff. But at the moment, I'm discovering how the staff are working and they are working very well.

"We define together the abilities and strengths we need. For example, we want someone who can be in charge of the whole process of individual development, which is a huge ability. Also, we need someone who can be very creative and efficient on set pieces.

"These are a couple of examples, of the ideas we want to be fulfilled at the end [of the process]. At the moment, I'm working with the current staff and working out their strengths."