A County Durham Fire and Rescue dog has predicted the result of England v Denmark tonight.

Woodie's handler Colin Davis has been putting the spaniel's nose to the test.

Mr Davis threw three balls for Woodie, one marked with a W for win, one with a D for draw and an L for loss.

Have a watch of the moment here:

Unfortunately, Woodie caught the draw ball. Fans will hope he is wrong.

Colin, a Divisional Manager, and seasoned Firefighter for the Service, said: "Only time will tell if his puppy prediction comes true!

"While we can’t know the outcome of tonight’s match for sure, we do know that people will be out in force to watch the match.

"And we’re reminding everyone planning on enjoying an alcoholic drink tonight to make sure they plan their journey home accordingly.

"Even small amounts of alcohol can affect your ability to drive.”

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He added: "We don’t just want football to come home but for you to get home safely too.

"So, book that taxi, arrange that lift from a friend or switch to soft drinks.

"Let’s all have a fun yet safe Euros 2024."