A Darlington stadium has been named as one of the cheapest venues for rugby fans to attend.

The Darlington Arena, home to Darlington Mowden Park RFC, has been found as the third cheapest venue for fans following a study by Betway.

It was found the ground boasted an average total attendance cost of £82.40 – with this including one night of accommodation, the price of 2 one-way trips on public transport, and the price of a McDonalds meal or equivalent.

It was only outranked by Headingley Stadium in Leeds and Coventry Building Society, which came in at first and second respectively.

Venues were ranked by Google review scores, capacity, accessibility, and overall affordability to determine the best for fans overall.

A Betway spokesperson said: “Whether you’re a Six Nations superfan or a casual rugby enjoyer, there’s nothing quite as thrilling as cheering on your team alongside thousands of other supporters.

“The electric atmosphere, the shared passion, and the sense of camaraderie create an unforgettable experience.

“But what makes this experience even more exciting is being in a truly top-notch stadium.

“So, which stadiums around the world offer the best experience for fans?

“Looking for a world-class rugby experience at a reasonable price?

“We’ve crunched the numbers on accommodation costs, public transport fares, and the price of a McMeal at McDonalds for stadiums around the UK to see where your money stretches furthest.

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The Darlington stadium also ranks in tenth place as the best rugby stadium for fans with a 4.4 Google review score.

Betway analysed 60 stadiums in the UK and around the world as part of the study.

The next closest North East venue in terms of availability was Newcastle’s Kingston Park, which ranked in eighth with an average attendance cost of £105.63.