THERE is a programme being shown currently on the BBC called “The Traitors.”

The programme’s presenters keep telling me how unmissable it is.

I have never watched it (there is only so much time to watch television). However on a Radio 2 programme on Monday morning, two broadcasters were discussing the merits favourably of the programme promising to give no “spoilers”.

Therefore I hope they have a word with the presenter of Saturday’s Match of the Day programme, Alex Scott, who at 10pm stated that “although the programme only consisted of two games it featured 10 goals” or words to that effect.

I am one of those strange people (I might be the only one) who for years now like to watch Match of the Day and ITV’s English Football League show without knowing the scores – it can be difficult! My wife goes into hiding – childish of me, I know.

As a result of the premature announcement I then knew after watching the first match the second one would contain five goals.

Therefore at 2-2 I knew in advance there was going to be a winner.

Far more sensible presenters are the two who host the ITV show – Alex Scott could learn a lot from the young lady who is on that programme providing all the information without having expensive fellow pundits alongside her.

Mike Taylor, Darlington.