THE money in the Premier League is astronomical and the money that the TV companies pay out as well as the costs to watch are all far too much.

I think it’s about time that some money was passed down to grassroots clubs from juniors clubs to non-league clubs.

We are all complaining about obese people eating fast foods but I know that there are thousands of volunteer managers, coaches, secretaries, parents and players out there trying their best to do something about it.

We are trying our best to get kids and people out their houses to get fitter and mix with others.

Having been involved in junior football for over 25 years from coach, manager to chairman I know the time and effort that’s put into it all but now I’m involved at adult non-league level, it’s a real eye opener to see the lack of support we get from the FA.

We have teams in the North East who are really struggling to keep going for various reasons and some clubs are going to the wall after years of hard work through lack of funding and support.

Can the FA not pass some money down to grassroots clubs to help keep them going and to help them try and gain promotion to higher leagues which brings other teams through?

If any Northern League team, after a season of hard work by a band of volunteers, are fortunate enough to get promoted they then have to find another £20,000 to £30,000 to pay overheads to travel to Lincoln, Sheffield, etc.

This has to be found by this same band of volunteer committee people through begging for sponsorship and donations from local businesses. Not one penny is given as an incentive for clubs to gain promotion to higher leagues.

Can I thank all the businesses and people who have supported and helped Bishop Auckland Football Club as we try and get back up the leagues, where we would like to compete and bring more joy to the most successful amateur club in the country.

Can I also wish best of luck to all the other non-league clubs as they battle to keep their clubs going.

I know they give an awful lot of time, effort and money to their clubs.

Best of luck to all non-league clubs and, come on people, come out and support local clubs and come on the FA, help these non-league clubs out!

Steve Coulthard, Chairman, Bishop Auckland Football Club.