Newcastle United fans welcomed one of Europe's biggest clubs to their city tonight as supporters remained hopeful ahead of a dream return to club football's most prestigious competition.

Newcastle United fans could be seen marching through the streets on their way St James' Park ahead of their UEFA Champions League tie with former finalists Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday (October 4).

Fans could be seen delighting in the atmosphere as they made their way towards the stadium ahead of Newcastle's first Champions League home game since 2002.

Thousands of Magpies supportes flocked to St James' Park, making their way through Grainger Street and Bigg Market, ready for tonight's event.

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The Northern Echo:

With dreams of European glory, many prepared to watch superstars such as Kylian Mbappe and Ousmane Dembele grace Tyneside.

As the first goal went in, the ground erupted with the sound of ecstatic home supporters starting to believe.

The Northern Echo:

The event threatened to be marred by issues before the game as cones could be seen being thrown, while police officers were seen standing between the rival fans - standing off with one another. 

Fans also clashed at Grainger Street and Bigg Market, which saw bottles thrown and police formed a barrier between the supporters.

The Northern Echo Sports Editor Scott Wilson said: "It certainly feels like a big European night at St James’ Park now.

"Paris St Germain are known for having a large Ultras group, and the main body of travelling fans have just arrived at St James’ Park after being marched from the Monument, through the Bigg Market and up to St James’.

"There was a sizeable police presence along the route, and while an occasional skirmish broke out between the PSG fans and Newcastle supporters lining their marching route, with an odd bottle being thrown and some flares being let off, the authorities just about managed to keep a lid on things.

The Northern Echo: The Northern Echo:

"The PSG fans are making their way into St James’ now, where they’ll be hoping to drown out the home atmosphere, which promises to be electric as Newcastle stage a home Champions League game for the first time in more than 20 years."

Here are some more pictures from the day:

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