JUST Stop Oil protestors have disrupted the second Ashes Test at Lord’s, this is certainly not the first time that they have disrupted a sporting event.

I understand their cause, but like many people, I loathe their actions.

Just Stop Oil have now told us that the reason why they set out to ruin sporting events is because spectators shouldn’t be going to sporting events.

This is because, according to Just Stop Oil, would-be spectators should be protesting Just Stop Oil’s cause on the streets instead.

Well, I for one shall never cooperate with this requirement of theirs.

In history, European traders endured hardship in trading with India, because they had to sail right around Africa to reach India.

This prompted Christopher Columbus to say: “There is another way.”

If Just Stop Oil protestors don’t have the rationality of mind to seek other ways in achieving the objective of tackling the climate emergency, then they are not the people who should be on the case.

Over four years ago, I had a letter published in Hear All Sides about global warming.

This is where I had the idea of generating electricity in power stations which work like inside out refrigerators, and turn heat in the atmosphere into electricity.

I have since learned about heat pump technology which works on a similar principle.

This means that electricity can be generated locally, with towns and villages generating their own electricity.

Will my ideas work? Probably not if I was in charge of the project, as I am no expert.

Therefore given the climate emergency, these ideas should be considered by our top scientists who can have the expertise to take these basic ideas and make great improvements.

Universities up and down the country have professors of science, who should be called to develop scientific ways of tackling the climate emergency.

I’m not surprised that this doesn’t appear to be happening under our current government and their capitalist agenda.

Just Stop Oil and their narrowminded ways certainly won’t provide solutions, they will just continue to antagonise people and make people hate their movement even more.

Jeremy Whiting, Great Lumley, Chester-le-Street.