The father of Newcastle United defender Dan Burn has been making people cry with the letter that he wrote to the footballer ahead of the Carabao Cup Final. 

The lanky defender, who has played for Blyth, Darlington, and Brighton among others, might be preparing for a cup final clash with Manchester United this afternoon - but that didn't stop his dad from sharing a highly emotional letter ahead of the occasion. 

As part of a campaign from sport site The Athletic to get the family of Newcastle United footballers to write to their sons - the sports' title asked family members to pen some words of encouragement for Sunday's game. 

While all of the other words from other families were kind, poignant, and motivational, it was the letter from Dan Burn's dad, David, that stuck with people.

After reading it, one social media user shared the letter in full, before saying "is someone chopping onions in here," while another added: "This is what football is about - pure emotion and pride."

Here is the letter below:

Dear Dan,

When I walked up Wembley Way with you, a mere seven-year-old, on my shoulders en route to the FA Cup semi-final with Chelsea in 2000, who could have predicted that the next time Newcastle would be fighting for a cup there, I’d be in the stands, watching my son in those gorgeous black-and-white stripes?

It was only ever going to be this club for you.

After all, you and Jack, your brother, drew teams out of a hat to decide which matches the pair of you would go to with our East Stand season ticket. Tyne-Wear derbies, top-of-the-table clashes and Champions League nights — you saw it all under Sir Bobby Robson.

For your own football journey, first there was Blyth Town — I’m still puzzled you decided to be a keeper — and then Spartans. A left-back to begin with — I suppose you’ve come full circle! — then a centre-half, you won everything going.

Those two years as a junior at Newcastle’s Centre of Excellence coincided with a growth spurt, when you struggled to adapt to your changing body. That letter on Christmas Eve, releasing you as a 14-year-old, was gut-wrenching.

But it never held you back. You made sure you made it.

You pushed trollies at Asda and grafted in non-League with Darlington before Everton and Fulham came calling. For your medical, I told you to “look the part”. In hindsight, perhaps wearing suits might not have been the best idea, seeing as you had to undress about 15 times. Then there was Yeovil — remember son, you’ve already won, and scored, at Wembley — Birmingham and Wigan.

Away from football, you married your childhood sweetheart, Roz, and started a beautiful family, only to move about as far away as possible to Brighton!

When the takeover happened, you told me: “That’s that, Dad. They’re never going to sign Brighton’s Dan Burn.” Then the speculation started and it was unbearable because I so wanted it to be true.

That night you came back, when I was stood alongside you in the boardroom, it moved me to tears. Your debut against Aston Villa topped it. Captaining (briefly) against Brentford was another level still.

That’s before we think about the quarter-final… I was so proud I can barely put it into words.

I still can’t believe I wasn’t there, instead, I was watching from a bar in Spain, but it doesn’t diminish it one bit. Seeing you slalom in from the left and caress the ball in with your right foot, at the Gallowgate End, with a finish Alan Shearer would be proud of — I’ve watched it hundreds of times since and I still can’t quite believe it. That was just so special.

Since then, I find myself driving places and suddenly I have a massive smile on my face because I remember that goal.

Newcastle brought you home and you bloody deserved that chance. You are still the very same lad; the best father, husband, brother and son we could all wish for. Nothing has changed you. You’re still Dan from Blyth, with the same mates who have followed you all the way and everyone can see that.

Your resilience, your perseverance, should be an inspiration to every young kid in the north east. You are no Peter Beardsley, but you proved that sheer determination and hard work can take you far. As our fellow fans sing, “You’ll never, ever beat Dan Burn.”

You are living the dream of so many and you understand that responsibility.

Sat on my shoulders 23 years ago, you were excited and euphoric walking up Wembley Way. This time it’s my turn. In the stands, I’ll be donning your match-worn shirt from the quarter-final, the one you saved especially for me. I’m welling up just thinking about the moment you run out…

That will be my lad, my Dan, on the world stage, showing who he is: a great footballer and an even better bloke.

I wish I could bottle up this feeling I have because it would make me millions if I sold it. I’m so immensely proud of you son.

Love Dad