AS the sun sets on another international break, it’s almost time to get back to the bread and butter of the Premier League for Newcastle United.

Eddie Howe has been with his new players since the start of last week and has undergone extensive assessment of them in training since his appointment was confirmed.

As we’ve seen in football over the years, a new manager bounce is not a rarity and Newcastle fans will be hoping for a taste of that when Brentford make the trip to St James’ Park on Saturday.

But it’s not quite the reason for this appointment. This is much more long term and that’s the way Howe sees it as well.

The 43-year-old’s Bournemouth team has been synonymous for a front footed attacking style of play that garnered unparalleled success for a side that, at one point, was on the brink of relegation from League Two.

There are no doubts it may have taken time for Howe to implement his ideas back then to get results. It’s a very similar scenario at Newcastle.

he Southern Coast side went on to adopt that particular style of play that propelled them up the divisions. Howe will be hopeful that his players can replicate that pattern on Tyneside.

He said: “I have a style of football and I’m not going to come here and deviate too far from that while recognising certain limitations to go from here to here. It’s going to take gradual steps.

“We will be implementing things that will change that. It can go from as much as set plays to a different plan off the ball, a different plan on the ball but I don’t want to go into too much details.

“I think a whole range of things (can be improved) but that’s not a criticism of other managers or anything to do with that. It’s just everyone has a different eye so everyone will see things slightly differently.

“I see things in the way that I see it and the way that I want it but across the board, I’ll be tapping into ways that I know that can get the best out of players.

“The training regime will certainly be very different because it’s my team, it’s unique to us, it won’t be the same or copied from anybody.

“It’s our way of playing which we think is the key thing with the club during it’s best times.”

While Howe has a clear objective in the way he wants his teams to play, he’s also mindful of the current crop of players he’s got and how he can get the best out of them.

He’s been in training with his new players for just under a fortnight but his homework on his new squad goes further than that.

Howe added: “I’ve been watching the majority of the games. Yes it’s a clean slate but I do have an impression on them and an opinion on them so I’m not coming in blind.

“We’ve (Bournemouth) played against them many many times so I know the strengths of some of them but I’ve got a very good idea of the squads strengths.

“I think it’s difficult to go back too far and I don’t really want to get caught going backwards too much. I want to look to the future and I want to look at the now.

“As a said, we have a way of playing, in and out of possession. It’s very very clear. We have to try and get that message across to the players. It’s up to them to deliver it.

“There is pressure on the players, there is pressure on me. It’s a two way thing.

“We’ve got to work together to achieve a style of football that’s in keeping with the tradition of the club while getting results.”

Having the trusted members on the coaching staff will go a long way to helping Howe achieve that aim and he’s got his wishes with the club confirming their new look set-up.

Jason Tindall will be his assistant manager and will be joined by Simon Weatherstone and Stephen Pruches while Dan Hodges joins the club as Head of Sport Science. Graeme Jones is being kept on as first-team coach.

Steve Agnew and Stephen Clemence have left their roles as coaches following the departure of Steve Bruce.