NEIL Warnock has dispelled a myth that Boro's Head of Football Kieran Scott will bring players to the club but said he played a role in a number of signings before deadline day. 

Scott began his role at the start of September after moving to the club from Norwich City. Despite him not starting his job until after 31st August, Warnock revealed that Scott helped in the signings of Onel Hernandez and James Lea-Siliki. 

The Cuban winger Hernandez moved to the club on loan from the Canaries for the season while Lea-Siliki joined the club from French side Rennes. The pair made their debuts in the 2-0 defeat to Coventry City at the weekend. 

Warnock said: “I’ve spoken to him on numerous occasions over the past few weeks and I just think it’s a breath of fresh air.

“I think the club have needed this position being filled and I think for the future I can only see good things for Middlesbrough Football Club with him in charge.

“He’s a football man. He works hard, he watches an awful lot of games, both in England and abroad, and that’s what you’ve got to do.

“I’m sure Middlesbrough will be delighted with his opponent in the next few years.

"He’s in charge of the football so you’d expect him to have an influence but if you’re telling me that he’s signing the players, that’s not right.

"I don’t think Kieran would want to do that either. He’s helping me get better players at the club.

"I have always loved (Onel) Hernandez and didn’t think we’d get him. We went after another lad at Norwich but couldn’t get him out of the club.

"Then Hernandez became available and we jumped straight in there and the two weeks he’s bee here he’s lifted everybody. I wouldn’t want to mark him.

"To get quality like that and he’d seen James on two or three occasions live, which helped me, even though I still wanted to speak to my contact over there who reassured me he was a good signing.

"It’s good between us, have both got contacts and it’s good to bring these players into the club.