MIDDLESBROUGH have had the best transfer window they've had in years with the addition of twelve new signings over the summer and that has put a big smile on the face of Neil Warnock. 

The Boro boss will take a wholesome looking squad to Coventry City this afternoon with plenty of options to choose from a virtually a clean bill of health. The only concern is Marc Bola who was assesed in training yesterday after picking up a knock against Blackburn Rovers. 

On transfer deadline day, it was a case of two in, two out for Boro with Sam Morsy and Djed Spence making moves to Ipswich Town and Nottingham Forest respectively while Andraz Sporar and James Lea-Siliki completed their loan switches to Teesside. 

Warnock said: “Yes we lost a couple, but looking forward we have a lot more options now.

“The last home match we didn’t really have anything on the bench to help us win the game.

“Whereas now, I think we’ve got quite a few options to change formations, strikers, wide players, we’ve got a lot more players available to us now which is good for me.

“What it does is it gives you more ammunition whatever system you play. I don’t think it mattered what system we played in the first five games really because we only had a few players.

“Whereas I think now, no disrespect to Toy (Toyosi Olusanya), we were looking to put a lad on from Billeracy in the last game whereas were looking to use an international player now. You’ve got to get your standards up.

“I’ve been delighted with Toyosi. He scored a great goal, a winning goal, against QPR the other day which was as good a finish as I’ve seen for a while so he’s enjoying it as well.

“And I think the younger lads like Isaiah (Jones) are really thriving on it. I think the dressing room is really exciting at the moment."

Martin Payero's case has been a peculiar one so far. After completinig his hig profile switch to Teesside, he's found minutes hard to come by in Warnock's side which the Boro boss maintains he is adjusting to life on Teesside and the pace of the Championship. 

This week, Warnock has seen a big lift from the Argentine. 

“He’s getting up to pace" Warnock added.

"The pace of the Championship is the most difficult league in the world regarding the physical aspect and when you come from a different environment, it’s such a shock to the system.

“You can’t just play when you’ve got the ball in the Championship. You’ve got to play when you haven’t got the ball and I think that’s the biggest learning curve for Martin. It will be for James (Lea-Siliki) and Andraz (Sporar) because there’s no other league like it.

“But when you’ve got the attitude to do it, for example, in training the other day Martin covered more ground in one particular morning than anybody else at the club. I got the lads to give him a round of applause.

“He realises that you’ve got to work hard at that level so I think the penny has dropped now and there’s no doubt about his ability.

“I think he’s enjoyed (Obel) Hernandez coming in, Andraz coming in, James coming in.

“The games are technically so much better and quicker and I think he’s revelling in that aspect of the training.

“You’ve still got to get the blend and come up with a system but we’ve got to enjoy ourselves.

“I think lads now enjoying training and they’ve got to go and enjoy the games even though they are going to be difficult.”