HEALTH chiefs in a large part of the North-East have given the all clear for the return of park runs.

Following discussions with organisers and, “thorough reviews of risk assessments”, seven council public health directors, including Amanda Healy in County Durham, have confirmed they are able to support the return of the weekly fun runs.

Their statement said: “Organisers have worked hard to put in place measures that keep attendees safe, and we’re delighted residents will once again be able to participate in these events and enjoy the physical and mental health benefits they offer.

“We know it is much safer for people to be with others outdoors where the virus is less likely to spread, but we must urge participants to remain cautious at all times to protect themselves and others.

“We’ve worked with organisers to provide a consistent approach for our communities, with each location being assessed individually.

“All sites will have similar start times and set ups across the region so there is no need to make long journeys to different park run sites.”

A list of local runs can be found on, the park run website.