Middlesbrough midfielder Sam Morsy says he's looking forward to playing in front of fans for the first time, admitting it was a big reason behind his move to the club. 

The 29-year-old Egyptian has endured an injury hit first season on Teesside but still managed to make 32 appearances in all competitions, scoring one goal. 

Morsy moved to the club from Wigan Athletic for an undisclosed fee in September last year and was a mainstay in Neil Warnock's side until he has hit with two different injuries, the latter ruling him out for the rest of the season in April. He's now fully recovered ahead of pre-season. 

"I've enjoyed my first season" Morsy told the Boro Breakdown Podcast.

"I come in and I was a little bit unwell and then when I started to probably be in my best form of the season I got injured.

"Probably the same thing has happened again. 

"The only disappointing thing for me is it's probably the most I've been injured in my entire career. 

"First one was soft tissue with my hamstring, you could probably prevent that but the second one, the knee injury, I couldn't really do much about it. 

"That's the only disappointing thing really, is having two injuries, because I'm pretty much never injured.

"But I've settled, I'm enjoying it. Obviously I'm missing the fans, I haven't got to experience that yet which was a pull in me joining the club to be honest. The history of the club and the fan base.

"But other than that, I've settled well. It's a good set of lads, a good blend and hopefully we can do something next season.

"I think what we were doing for half the season was pretty effective. I think injuries at certain times killed us, I don't think we had the depth.

"But personally, I think I was okay but I know I can give a lot more as well but for a first season I'm generally satisfied. 

Neil Warnock has often spoke highly of Morsy during his first season at the club and was a regular throughout the campaign at the heart of the midifield. 

"I get on really well with him. 

"I think there's a perception of him but he treats people really well and you can speak to him. Probably a little bit different to what you'd expect.

"If ever there was a problem, you can speak to him personally and he'd help you with it so it's been really enjoyable. 

"He's obviously got a lot of promotions on his CV. For a while he's spoken about the next season. Hopefully that can be another promotion on his CV but he has been enjoyable.

"Training is really good and it's a really professional set up. That's something people may not associate with Neil Warnock. 

"He's a great man motivator. 

As Boro chase several target over the coming months, especially in the striking department, Morsy spoke about the atmosphere amongst the squad in the 10 months he's been on Teesside. 

"It's a good dressing room. 

"It's a lot of younger guys so it's a different dynamic. At Wigan, there was more older guys and more senior players so it's a completely different dynamic to that.

"It's a good group, everyone works hard.

"I don't know if he (Warnock) is going to bring in a couple more experienced lads, I think he is. 

"Everyone's behind each other, there's no cliques or anything and everyone gets on really well so it's a good atmosphere."

You can listen to the full podcast here.