HARTLEPOOL UNITED have made a number of staff redundant in the wake of the season being halted.

The club has paid off two staff directly involved in the football side of the club, with another three non-football staff being placed on notice of reduncancy.

The club’s matchday staff – which includes mascot H’Angus the Monkey – have been told they are no longer required.

Fellow National League side Barnet last week announced 60 positions were under threat, but the majority of those roles have now been saved by Government measures introduced during the coronavirus epidemic.

However, the five permanent staff involved at Victoria Park are not being covered by the Government support. Two have left immediately, with three under notice.

The club earlier this season also made three staff redundant: two office members and the kitman.

Last week, the club’s chief executive Mark Maguire told The Northern Echo: “We look at costs and keep them down to a minimum. The National League are in talks with Government and FA to bridge the financial gap to secure funds who will struggle. It’s essential the integrity of the competition survives because some clubs might not.

“It’s not a concern for this club right now, without sounding blaise. It relies 100 per cent on the chairman to sustain the club over the next few weeks which should not be underestimated.’’

However, as the crisis has escalated and no sign of the season being completed – mixed reports have been circulating about the National League being suspended – the club has made cut backs.

On Monday staff were told to take a 20 per cent pay cut, before the more severe moves.

Maguire said this morning: “Matchday staff have been informed as they would be at the end of a normal season and that is normal close season stuff.

“Beyond that, in discussions with the chairman and board, we have to lot a way through this to make the club come out of very trying circumstances stronger.

“The impact of this will be long and wide ranging, with a recession beyond. We have to protect the chairman’s investment, review the whole business in terms of next season and get it to a level where it is sustainable.

“We have asked all staff to take a 20 per cent pay cut this month in order to help the chairman. It is unclear what help we will get from Government initiatives and, as we examine those, we have to be cautious to ensure the short-term is manageable.

“We are in the process of a whole review of the business to ensure it comes out as efficient as possible and that involves some tough decisions. Some people have had their jobs put at risk and that doesn’t mean there’s a conclusion – we have to review it to satisfy ourselves we are as efficient as can be going into next season.

“A couple of people have, unfortunately, had their contracts terminated.’’

A memo sent to Pool’s casual staff reads: “In light of the current coronavirus pandemic and ongoing postponement of the football season, Hartlepool United have taken the decision to process all casual matchday employees as leavers with effect from this month and you should receive your P45 within the next couple of weeks.

“Please be assured we are processing wages owed for the Ebbsfleet game and these will be paid in full on 31 March as normal.

“Once football fixtures resume again, we will of course be looking to rebuild the matchday team and we look forward to hearing from you then.

“In the meantime, we still don’t have any firm indication as you how long the postponement will last, so we are you to bear with us during what are clearly unprecedented times.’’