KEVIN Watson, the Ebbsfleet United manager, has revealed two allegations of abuse have been levied at Hartlepool United.

Pools lost 1-0 to the visitors at Victoria Park.

The game ended with players from both sides squaring up - with Pools mascot H’Angus the Monkey involved – one supporter getting on the pitch from the Neale Cooper Stand to get at the opposition before being hauled back as the home crowd was goaded by visiting players and two red cards, one for Pools boss Dave Challinor.

Referee Aaron Jackson struggled to gain any sort of control during the latter stages of the game, with the home crowd constantly frustrated by the time-wasting antics of the visitors.

Fleet wing-back Jermaine McGlashan pointed to an area of the Neale Cooper Stand towards the Town End as he spoke to the referee and fourth official.

Goalkeeper Jordan Holmes was also in talks with the officials in a delayed build-up to the penalty on 80 minutes.

A tannoy announcement, from the club’s control box, part of the anti-racism protocol, followed the spot-kick.

Watson said: “I didn’t hear anything at all and we are miles away from where the allegations were made: one from our goalkeeper behind the goal, one from the far side involving Jermaine McGlashan. I’ve not heard anything so can’t comment.

“I will say they are both very good lads and while we were winning I would not want any more time to be added – the last thing we wanted was nine minutes.

“It’s been reported, both by myself and Dave (Challinor) with the officials. They followed the protocol to call us over, then a tannoy announcement and then see the referee afterwards.

“I don’t think you report something like that unless it happened.

“I’ve spoke to both players. Jordan immediately run over as it came from behind the goal. He can’t see or identify anyone with his back to the crowd.''

Pools boss Dave Challinor said: “We lost and there’s been allegations. I‘ve heard nothing and things will be dealt without of my control. That’s where we are at.

“The players are disappointed at losing the game. We control what we can control and to a degree we did that today.

“But we aren’t sat here with three points and we will concentrate on winning games.

“Next we will deal with it, put reports in and that’s as far as it goes. I can’t control those things, it’s bigger than what I am. I’m in charge of managing my dressing room.

“The referee’s control over the whole game wasn’t great, not what we can affect and the referee has been quite open and honest which is refreshing.

“For me, over 500 games as a player and over 500 as a manager and it’s a first. I will look at what’s gone on. It’s handbags, I’ve tried to solve a problem with their players going over and antagonising a volatile situation.

“Does he think I’ve said something to him? There’s a coming together with no great action. The linesman says he sees something and the referee reacts to that.

“Have I don’t anything? No. Had their player done anything? No. I’m sure he will appeal and I will to.

“I can’t comment any further on that, I really can’t.’’

The club has taken statements from all parties involved and a full investigation will be launched.