STEVE BRUCE has “had to get used to” speculation over ongoing takeover talk at Newcastle United after it emerged Peter Kenyon has made a renewed attempt to get Mike Ashley to sell.

Kenyon is believed to have teamed up with Florida-based GACP Sports, who own French club Bordeaux, to offer a total package of £300m for the Magpies, with £125m being offered up front.

There is a pledge to make Newcastle a top ten side if Ashley, who is understood to be ready to given them an answer within days, agrees to sell.

There is a 46-page brochure and the group is thought to have secured sufficient investment, stating that £50m will immediately be injected to cover operational costs if the takeover bid is successful.

The further £175m will be paid via a so-called seller’s note over three years where Ashley would earn three per cent interest on that sum each year. GACP’s partners are Joseph DaGrosa Jnr, Hugo Varela and David Neithardt.

Bruce said: “Honestly, until I was briefed this morning, it was news to me. It’s not something I can comment on. Lee (Marshall, head of communications) informed me something was breaking last night. No (chats with Ashley).

“It’s something that didn’t come into any conversations (when Bruce agreed to become head coach). It has happened that many times even reading about it from afar. It is something I didn’t really go into, when I talked about the job in the first place.

“I can’t influence anything like that. The only thing I can influence is how I play Saturday. That is only thing I can focus on.

“You have to get used to it. It’s happened three or four times to me before. You get used to it. This club always has speculation around it and it has never happened. Watch this space.”