NEWCASTLE United fans have taken to Twitter to express their anger at news Rafael Benitez will be leaving the club when his contract expires this Sunday.

@Sharkey100%NUFC: "I can't believe Rafa Benitez has been allowed to leave. After all he's achieved with us in three years. I want to say thanks for the unforgettable memories. Do me a favour Mike Ashley and f*** off out our club! I'm not a one to swear, I've had enough. This takeover better happen!"

@NewsCastle: "Desperately sad for #NUFC that #RafaTheGaffa is going but it is time someone called Mike Ashley’s bluff. Relegation here we come."

@RafaNUFC1892: "Rafa Benitez has probably done the club a favour, it should be used as a positive to turn everyone against the club Newcastle DisUnited....

@RiIrving: "Never thought it possible to hate the club you support but I do."

@MickeyE100: "Our once beautiful club is a disgrace. If you go to matches or buy the new (stupidly expensive) top from Sports Direct now, you are definitely part of the problem! #ashleyout #nufc"

@DZ1892: "We are the problem, it’s the blind loyalty which allows Mike Ashley to take us for mugs. Vote with your feet don’t be a mug. If you still go then suck it up and take it you’ve made your choice"

@ToonDave2005: "Just rang the club to cancel my season ticket and not one effort was made to stop me doing so. “What’s your supporter number” ... “ok done thanks bye” #nufc a club that cares."

@fc_1869: "Utterly pathetic. Anyone who buys a season ticket now is an absolute mug. Was hoping to get down to a few games next season but won't be putting a penny into the club until Mike Ashley is gone."

@Nath_B89: "So the transfer window closes in 45 days and the season starts in 47 days. Today we START the search for a new manager. We also have no back room team left, but they’re not important right? Transfers? Gayle is coming back so he counts. Unbelievable, even by #nufc standards."

@AlexWKnight: "The demise of Newcastle United has begun! 1: Rafa Leaves; 2: Takeover falls through; 3: Alan Curbishley Appointed; 4: No funds for transfers; 5: Finish bottom of Prem; 6: Lose both derbies to Sunderland in 20/21 Championship Season."

Chi Onwurah, Newcastle Upon Tyne Central MP 

The Northern Echo: Chi Onwurah

"This is so sad for #NUFC, fans & I believe for Rafa. #NUFC is an opportunity for a great manager like Rafa to really achieve something off & on the pitch, but he needed the support of & trust in the club ownership. Sadly, but unsurprisingly given our owner, that wasn't there."