IT’S been seven days since Richard Money launched his impassioned plea for some assistance, to be cut a bit of slack from frustrated supporters.

The Hartlepool United manager, a month into the job, has been surprised at the negative outlook by some inside the Super 6 Stadium. “An angry club’’ was how he tagged it. “This club is negative. Really, really negative.’’

He also explained his thoughts and reasoning in a club podcast this week, getting a clear message across to anyone who may have misconstrued his comments last weekend. He wasn’t doing it to antagonise anyone, more to try and pull everyone together and stamp out the attitude of a loud minority.

And, ahead of a return home today when Pools take on Telford United in the FA Trophy, he said: “We need supporters to understand it’s not going to be easy and come and support us.’’

And as for feedback?

“I’ve not had a reaction – I don’t read anything or listen to anything,’’ he reflected. “We have had an honest discussion on the club podcast. I don’t get emails, phone calls or read the papers.

“I do get a flavour of what is being said and I think it’s important I lock myself away a little bit.

“What we said needs to be said and I hope supporters take it in the manner it was meant. It’s not criticism, it’s just observations which needed to be said.

“If we are going to be a proper football club going forward then everyone needs to buy into what we are trying to do.’’

Money is not part of the internet generation, he’s been around the block too often to take notice of bitterness on Twitter or Facebook: “I learned a long time ago not to look at social media. In my opinion it’s the bane of modern-day life, but I understand why people use it and need it.

“I should be a positive experience, but it doesn’t turn out like that and it’s a vehicle for people to vent their anger. I stay away from it.

“And to be honest the people who go on social media in that manner are recognised as a very small minority and the same people very week. You don’t get people using social media to say the manager is doing a good job or the manager is right.’’

Money will be without Liam Noble for the next month at least. He has a calf strain, so in the absence of his top scorer and departure of Andrew Davies he will today name a new captain.

He’s still getting to understand his players and this week signed left-back Danny Amos from Doncaster Rovers. He should star today, which will allow Money to push Mark Kitching further forward into a role he thinks will suit.

“I’ve tried since I came here to look at every player in the squad and their history and the software we have allows that,’’ added Money.

“I look at Kitching and I see he played – and I stand corrected – but he played 12-15 games in League One for Rochdale on the left side of midfield and two FA Cup games with Tottenham.

“I watched them and he did more than alright and I remember him as a kid at Middlesbrough when he played further forward. In games when I see him he gets over the halfway line and is a different player – more confident.

“Playing left-back seems to have got on top of him a bit.

“Bringing a left-back in is a good decision and we had Danny thrown at us pretty quickly. We were able to look at his games in League One for Doncaster and he did extremely well.

“There’s a risk with a young player but we feel he has the attributes to do well and his signing means we hopefully get a rejuvenated Mark Kitching – January sales, buy one get one free!’’

Money will not be seeking a replacement for Noble this month. Playing Kitching in his three man midfield gives him another option in an area where he is already over-stocked.

Lewis Hawkins will be allowed to leave this month and Money said: “I could lose two midfielders - we have far too many players in that area.

“I think Lewis Hawkins is one who I brought back to have a look and I have said to him I cannot play five central midfield players.

“Something has to give. What I like about him is he wants to play. I know he wants to play and if he can find something we will let him go.

“Newton is training, we have to get a song out of him somehow.

“We have Featherstone, McLaughlin and I think that is where Donaldson should play. But he gives us so much more in another area of the pitch.

“We are looking to bring in two who could give us some width - half the squad play central midfield.’’