SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY goalkeeper Chris Kirkland has called for goalline technology after admitting that a shot from Middlesbrough's Jacob Butterfield went over the line.

Butterfield's shot hit both posts before appearing to drop over the line before being gathered by Kirkland in a game that Boro went on to lose 1-0 at Hillsborough.

Goalline technology was introduced in the Premier League this season but does not extend to the Football League – and Kirkland feels that is unfair.

“It was miles over the line, definitely,” said Kirkland. “We need goal-line technology, every club needs it. It costs a lot of money but the FA have got to install it in every ground because sooner of later it’s going to cost somebody dear - a promotion or a relegation and it shouldn’t be like that.

“We’ve got away with one, I’m sure we’re not the only ones who’ll get away with one before the end of the season, but until ihey put goal-line technology in every ground these debates are going to keep happening.

“There was one the other week at West Brom. Was it over the line? Straight away it came onto the ref’s watch and it’s sorted out straight away.”

Kirkland said after the game on Saturday that Butterfield's shot was in, and although he did not admit it to referee Andy D'Urso at the time, he sympathised with Middlesbrough, whose goal drought now stands at 11 hours and 45 minutes.

“Not at the time I wasn’t too keen,” said Kirkland, when asked whether he thought of owning up to D'Urso. “But it’s not the ref, he can’t see from there. The linesman wasn’t up with play and we’ve got away with one.

“You don’t mean to cheat, I’m not going to just let it roll in and leave it and say it’s a goal.

“It’s an instinct thing. But it’s not our fault, it’s not the players fault, it’s not Middlesbrough’s fault and until the FA sort something out it’s going to keep on happening.

“The Boro players knew straight away, Danny Graham knew it, but what can we do?

“If that goal goes in they could have won 2-0 or 3-0.

“Does it even itself out? probably not. There games when the luck is not on your side. These things happen.”