I started photography when I was about 12 years old, encouraged by my father and using my father’s film cameras mainly taking family and holiday snaps.

I did not take up serious photography until 1998, when I bought a Canon 400D.

My photography became a hobby that went mad when I embarked on college and university courses to learn about the subject. The courses led me to seven years of part time studies at Shiney Row college and Sunderland University, leading me to a BA(Hons) in photography and media.

I am also an ARPS member of the Royal Photographic Society.

I enjoy all genres of photography, but particularly enjoy taking photographs at Beamish Open Air Museum and Re-Enactments where I try to re-create the look of the period.

My favourite photo was a photo taken at Beamish of my grandson when he was about three years old, he was sitting at one of the desks in the school room with his face lit by the light from the windows and I took what has become my favourite photograph.

My go-to kit at the moment is a Canon 5D Mk lll and a 24-105mm lens and also a Panasonic Lumix LX100 compact.

I spend many hours on the editing side of photography to try to get the best I can from my RAW files. The software I prefer is Photoshop CC.

The best advice I would give to a budding photographer would be to just enjoy your photography and don’t be afraid to experiment because it is the only way to find out the subject that suits you best. You will never stop learning about the subject and you will always be developing new styles and techniques.