Who or what inspired you to take up photography?

Always had an interest and I started a new job working a lot in the North West and some of the views on my morning drive were spectacular and my camera phone didn’t do it justice bought a camera and it started there.

What was your first camera?

Nikon D5500.

Is there anything in particular you enjoy photographing most, and why?

Landscapes there are so many breath-taking views we take for granted.

Of all the photos you’ve taken, which has been your favourite, and why?

My little boy on his first summit in the Lake District – so proud of him.

What’s your go-to kit at the moment?

35mm prime lens excellent piece of kit for not a lot of money.

Do you spend much time in post-production and what software do you use?

Sometimes in Lightroom, depending upon the subject matter, some just need a tweak here and there.

Do you have any advice for budding photographers?

Click,click and click again have fun and Youtube can be excellent tool to help you get the basics right.