Who or what inspired you to take up photography?

I CAN'T remember a time when I wasn't interested in photography. My dad had a folding Kodak camera and at age 11 I had my own, a Brownie 127. It cost me 10/6d (or 52½p in today's money). It wasn't long before I moved on to 35mm and had my own darkroom.

What do you most enjoy photographing?

I TAKE pictures of anything, as long as it makes a good image. People, landscape, events, architecture.

Your favourite picture?

IT'S hard to choose a favourite image. I'm forever thinking of the next one. But I did take a picture of Len McClusky at the Miner's Gala a few years ago which came out really well.

Your go-to kit at the moment?

I HAVE a Nikon D3400 DSLR and various lenses including a 55-300mm Nikkor and a Samyang 8mm fisheye. But mostly I just carry a compact Sony Cybershot HX60 for convenience and I take most of my photos with that camera.

Do you spend much time in post production?

FROM my compact I usually wi-fi the images directly to my smartphone and use Pixlr for cropping and other enhancements. I edit every image this way. In my view a photograph isn't finished unless I've given it a tweak afterwards.

Any advice for budding photographers?

USE a good camera, learn all the settings, go out there, take as many pictures as you can, experiment and only show people the best one per cent of your work.