HSBC is planning to close its branch in Shildon (Echo, 27 September).

Instead of campaigning to keep the branch open, why not bid good riddance to the big banks and instead try to persuade one of the more customer-focused banks to open a branch in the town?

HSBC has decided it does not want Shildon.

Shildon does not need HSBC.

Nor does anywhere else.

Trying to persuade any of the big banks to keep branches open will only reinforce the corporate arrogance that lies behind their decisions in the first place.

The banks have mis-sold us products we didn’t need, fiddled interest rates to make billions and deceived the regulators.

They have paid themselves huge salaries and bonuses, and they are still doing it.

They are arrogant because they think we can’t live without them. I’ve got news for them: we can.

Come on Shildon, and elsewhere, you can live more happily without the big banks than you can with them. Have the courage to tell them.

Dave Hall, Darlington.