I’D like to know why BBC bosses are carrying out swingeing cuts in output.

Nationally, the BBC Trust is proposing to make huge cuts (20 per cent) to meet the cost of freezing of the licence fee. This equates to 2,000 jobs in a programme hypocritically entitled “Delivering Quality First”.

The BBC Trust is publicly committed to “offering highquality news, current affairs, and coverage of politics for the English regions.national and local news and current affairs will promote informed debate and enable audiences to build their knowledge and understanding of their own, and other, communities.”

How can they do this with such draconian cuts?

Take for example, the excellent BBC Newcastle “Inside Out” programme. This is the one remaining regional current affairs programmes exclusively made about the North-East and made in the North East. It is about to be culled.

Once it’s gone, we will be expected to accept a film about Crewe or Sheffield as “local”.

The loss will never be reversed.

Licence fee payers should demand the BBC fulfills its public service broadcasting remit to reflect the North-East properly.

It’s our responsibility to let the BBC Trust know how much we value programmes made in and for our region.

Ed Waugh, South Shields.