RECENTLY, I watched a Conservative Party political broadcast.

It focussed entirely on child poverty and overseas aid. It was something quite different from a party of the rich and friends of the bankers.

But, as we know, politics is as much about opportunity as expression and belief. When stagnation exists, political parties will go for the headline.

There was nothing of substance in David Cameron’s speech to his Party conference in Manchester recently. Rhetoric reigned over that which defines the desire and wishes of a majority of the public – the promise of real jobs, housing and public services for those who need them.

There were the words, a Churchillian call to sacrifice and the promise that better days are ahead.

What was missing was an acknowledgement that some that is ahead could be available now.

Growth and jobs need action now – neither can be created by words alone.

The fear offensive extolled by the Prime Minister, when he portrays a volatile global economy and rigorously defends his policy of cuts, does little to inspire.

Bernie Walsh, Coxhoe.