I WAS saddened to read the letter about the Catholic church from Martin Forester (HAS, Jan 21).

His information seems to have come from a leaflet entitled Putting the Record Straight published by Sam Miller, a prominent Jewish businessman from Cleveland, US.

He reveals that 1.7 per cent of Catholic clergy have been found guilty of sexual abuse in the US.

Ten per cent of Protestant ministers have been found guilty.

Catholic clergy are actually at the bottom of the list below doctors, teachers and farmers.

The official figures in England and Wales are even lower. Only 0.4 per cent of Catholic priests have been accused in England and Wales since 1970 and fewer have been found guilty.

That it happens at all is a terrible scandal, but the truth is that only a very small number of Catholic priests ever abuse children sexually and it is dishonest of the media not to make this clear.

Sadly, church officials in this country have been very slow to join the debate and help redress the balance.

A McKenna, Sedgefield.