HAVING taken over parking enforcement from the police at the start of the year, Darlington’s Labour council has declared war on residents, businesses and commuters alike.

Instead of inviting the car, Labour is fighting the car – to everyone’s detriment.

Car ownership has increased but the Labour council has reduced the number of parking spaces and increased the number of double yellow lines, but it has left the Market Square idle.

As a result, the indoor market and nearby shops are suffering. Free disc parking should be introduced on the square immediately.

Since January 1, £90,000 has been collected in parking fines – a full review could replace yellow lines with short term disc parking.

The Labour cabinet which introduced these draconian measures is out of touch. After all, councillors can park in town centre car parks for only 50p per day – all day.

If the Labour Group is reelected in May, it is pledged to develop the Commercial Street, Abbots Yard and Beaumont Street car parks.

This will just force shoppers to towns like Yarm or Northallerton which offer free parking.

Jean Jones, chairman, South Durham Conservative Ladies Group, Darlington.

TO celebrate the first four weeks of parking enforcement by Darlington Borough Council, an awards evening was held at the Dolphin Centre.

The Warden of the Month Award went to Warden Benny Hill. Warden Hill, resplendent in his Number One Dress Uniform, consisting of patent leather knee length riding boots, jodhpurs, black shirt, and slashed peak hat, was accompanied by his freshly shaven wife, Olga.

Commissar Wheelhavem, Head of Parking Enforcement, presented Warden Hill with a plastic replica of a parking ticket.

As usual the town centre was almost deserted.

Ken Lavery, Darlington