THE “smell” from the Ensus biorefinery at Wilton, Teesside, has featured in local press reports, but I wonder how many people noticed an article in both local and national media which will have a much more telling impact on all.

According to The Grocer magazine the British food industry is preparing for a massive jump in food inflation, with ten per cent predicted early next year, in the wake of soaring animal feed prices and shortage of silage and poor harvests (Echo, July 31).

The bioethonal plant at Wilton is scheduled to “slash and burn” 1.2 million tonnes of “surplus wheat”

to operate: how can this be if a poor harvest is predicted?

Fossil fuels took millions of years to generate, yet we’re basing our future on instant environmental destruction of wood/food. The whole system is faulted, as are wind turbines. They are being used to show we’re doing something instead of going coal or nuclear, but there’s no other way if we want to lights to stay on.

R Harbron, Norton, Stockton.