GRAHAME Morris makes an interesting observation (HAS, Jan 25) relating to crime. He comments on how it has fallen by an “amazing 39 per cent in Seaham, County Durham”.

I would argue that crime across the country has not fallen. It is the reporting of crime that has fallen through the utter disillusionment with the criminal justice system.

Add to this what is currently perceived officially as a “crime”

and lunacies such as cautions for sex offences and the smashing of a glass in someone’s face and then we are on some very dodgy statistical ground indeed. As a teacher, I know all too well how statistics can be manipulated to create a favourable outcome.

The reintroduction of corporal and capital punishment would most certainly cut crime dramatically and put this “figure fiddling” on the scrapheap.

I remember a chap some time ago saying that he was going to be “tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime”. What a laugh. I have seen tougher wet paper bags than him and the current bunch of cowboys who call themselves a government.

Adam Walker, BNP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Bishop Auckland Constituency