IT was great to see Alan Wright's photograph of the mining sculpture at the Redhills Miners Hall (Echo, Mar 26).

It was done by my old Durham City Rugby mate Brian Brown who started out life down the pit in the 1950s. He spent so much time drawing his fellow miners that the colliery manager recommended that he went to art school which Brian did along with my wife Carol who was a pottery student at Sunderland Art College.

I have always admired this sculpture which depicts the real graft that was taking place underground here in the North-East. Brian also did the sculpture at Seaham on a roundabout across from Tommy. Brian is in his early 80s now and I am sure he would love this picture.

The Northern Echo: Tommy in SeahamTommy in Seaham

I find it sad that this piece of art is almost hidden away at Redhills. Lots more people should see it. It’s part of our heritage.

Malcolm Rolling, Carrville, Durham.