NHS and care home staff often come into contact with very vulnerable people.

Whilst vaccination provides some protection to such people, it is obviously desirable that they avoid exposure to Covid-19 as far as practical, and therefore it is not unreasonable to expect that these staff should also be vaccinated.

Unfortunately, it appears that there are many lies about the vaccines circulating amongst the communities from which many of these staff are drawn. Thus, there are obvious concerns that should vaccination be made a condition of their employment, many staff might leave their jobs, causing immense dislocation to NHS and care home services. 

Surely the leaders of the communities concerned have a responsibility to speak out against these lies and distortions?

Vaccination, and a ‘Track & Trace’ System which actually works, are the keys to containing Covid-19, and allowing us all to return to some form of “normal” life. 

Those who oppose vaccination, including some backbench Tory MPs, are in my opinion “enemies of the people”, and deserve our utmost contempt. 

I would prefer that people are convinced of the need for vaccination by reasoned argument, but if the only way to protect vulnerable people in NHS establishments and care homes is by making vaccination a condition of their staff’s employment, then so be it.

Alan Jordan, Middridge.