DESPITE criticisms, the Metropolitan Police have my total support over the arrest of four demonstrators protesting over the recent horrific murder of Sarah Everard.

Some of the demonstrators, from the pictures I saw, appeared to be out of control shouting in the faces of police officers just trying to keep people safe.

The Met police commissioner, Cressida Dick, should certainly not resign.

The police did not want the murder to happen but they would have had to have a very good tip-off to prevent it from taking place. What have they done about it? They have arrested a suspect, one of their own, and he will eventually face the courts. What more can they do?

If the suspect is the culprit, he should remain in prison for the remainder of his life - no parole.

This may sound harsh, but Sarah’s family will be without her now for the remainder of their lives.

It may be that the demonstrators were arrested as they were getting carried away too much by their emotions.

It was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration but not lawful because of the Covid-19 regulations.

Regretfully, no amount of law making can prevent one human killing another. We have to rely on civilised behaviour. The sentence however must fit the crime!

Mike Taylor, Darlington.