WILL the Honourable Member for Sedgefield, Paul Howell, honour his pledge to stand down as a councillor for both Darlington borough and Durham county councils?

He said he would do so when it was safe to hold elections. The Government said on February 5 that it is safe to hold elections on May 6. It is more than a month since that announcement.

Does Mr Howell intend to honour his pledge, or not? He should make his intentions absolutely clear to voters without any further delay.

As an MP Mr Howell receives a £81,932 salary from the taxpayer. He should make public how much he has been paid in allowances and expenses by Darlington and Durham councils since he became an MP on December 12, 2019. If he has donated allowances or expenses following his election to Westminster, then he should provide full details of how he dispensed with public money.

Peter Wilkinson, Darlington.