PETE WINSTANLEY and his love of the city of London, implies that the city is the same as London as a whole.

The city is one of the financial areas with a population of approx. 9,000 people, that pales into insignificance the full population of the boroughs of London.

It is not only London but many urban areas who have become overcrowded and dangerous places to live.

The point being it is time to stop the madness of this open door policy that has created a Nation heading towards a calamity on a grand scale.

The people of this country, especially England are facing massive problems with their standard of living, such as jobs, health care, education and many other issues.

It is going to take a miracle to put this country back on an even keel and no amount of looking through rose tinted glasses or living in Cuckoo Land Ideology is going to do that.

It is fine for those who retire in their fifties with big fat pensions and huge lump sums. Paid for by the less well off.

There have been several reports concerning young white boys from poorer families being failed a decent education.

As far as County Durham is concerned, I have seen the demise of many industries and jobs in the last 20 years.

Crook and Willington and places in Weardale losing hundreds of decent paid jobs. Places that I love, even though they have had the heart and soul ripped out of them.

Young people born and bred will either have to move to work and live, or be unemployed and live with their parents.

The lucky ones will with the help of their parents be able to live where they were born and travel to work, in such towns as Newcastle.

Pete Winstanley and others only see what suits them and truth is how they interpret it. That to me is hypocrisy. Open thine eyes and you will see, listen and you will hear.

John Young, Wolsingham.